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Bullet Reviews #5: Cinderella, New Avengers and More!

It’s that time again! Here are some Bullet Reviews of a few of this past Wednesday’s releases:

The new Cinderella miniseries continues! More spy intrigue and action in this issue as we learn more about the history of Cinderella and her worst nightmare: Dorothy Gale, yes, THAT Dorothy Gale! As Cinderella tries to piece things together and learn more about the Russian Fables and Gale’s connection to them we are treated to some fantastic flashbacks including Gale’s failed attempt at joining Fabletown and Russian Fable Dragons! This book reads just like the best James Bond movies with a dash of the Bourne movies. Truly the best of both of those AND the Fables series! -Skott Of Fables



NEW AVENGERS #10 (Marvel)
Again, a very engaging book. This issue picked up a bit from last issue, but I’m still having a hard time with the back and forth in time with totally different characters. Chaykin’s art was a little easier to stomach this go round while Deodato was on par with fantastic. However, there still is no payoff or even a hint of one to lead the reader to believe that he is getting two sides to the same story. We may not be, I don’t know. Yet, I’m still intrigued about Fury putting together an Avengers team in the late 50’s. It seems to run counter to Hickman’s idea of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s existence throughout time, but I’m on board. Can’t wait for the next issue. –Andy Kirby



PunisherMAX #11 (Marvel)
Aaron continues his take on Bullseye and it’s riveting. I can’t really even describe the care that is taken in understanding the character. And the amazing thing is that Aaron uses his development of the Bullseye character more as a way for the reader to understand Frank. Bullseye has spent much of his time recently pondering what created the Punisher. He has been in Frank’s head, and he likes it. His final revelation of truly hits the mark of what being Frank Castle is all about. In this way, Bullseye earns his name. Not only can he ruthlessly kill his mark every time, but has the uncanny ability to gain insight that others would easily miss or not even think about. In understanding Frank, he truly did hit the Bullseye. -Andy Kirby



What is going on with this book?!? Whenever I think I got it figured out it throws me for a loop. Here in the midst of “Death of Spider-Man” we have a birthday party. Not only that, but things are starting to look up for our hero. New job with flexible hours, new girl, and new tech. And how can I overlook the art!!! Chris Samnee is AMAZING on this book. Peter really feels like a kid and his life really feels like it could be real. The streets, the offices, the people—everything about this art revitalizes the book in a way that makes it stand up on its own. Pick it up!! -Andy Kirby

Ultimate Spider-Man



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