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Bullet Reviews Return (#3)! Avengers! Fantastic Four…Three! Thor!

Pile of Comics

After a few weeks off it’s fun to be able to do a fast run down of some other books picked up this week. Let’s jump into them, shall we?

Oh, right, before we do this I need to remind you all that there will be SPOILERS in here. So, let this be your SPOILER ALERT.

Having said that…let’s kick off with:

AVENGERS #10 (Marvel)
I’m all for covers being interesting but when you have two covers in a row that show something that doesn’t show up in the comics for either of those issues, well, it gets annoying. I’m talking about The Infinity Gauntlet. This story centers on The Hood, now powerless, searching for, and finding, The Infinity Gems. He’s located two (Reality and Power) and in this issue he gets Iron Man’s Space Gem while Professor X and Namor move to locate and protect their gems. Namor gets his and hands it over to Thor for some reason just in time to The Hood to show up.  My hope is that somewhere it will be explained how The Hood found out about the gems and their locations. The story is very fractured and also feels like it’s rushing to get to the big fight while the art by JRJR is great as always. Also, the fact The Hood’s face is no longer being shown makes me wonder what the gems are doing to him.

FANTASTIC FOUR #588 (Marvel)
Billed as the ‘Final Issue,’ this one focuses on the fall out of the supposed death of Johnny Storm. The surviving members of the Fantastic Four along with The Avengers and even Dr. Doom show their respects. The main story is shown with no dialogue which, while the art fails on many pages, the silence gives some punch. First with Reed’s confrontation with the reborn Annihilus (I’m so very curious what was said) and second with Thing’s outburst and attack/breakdown with Hulk and Thor. The true gem of this issue is the back-up with Franklin and Spider-Man as they talk about the loss of someone to important to them and the feeling of guilt and helplessness about not doing something about it.

THOR #620 (Marvel)
The penultimate issue of the series before it switches creative teams and reverts back to the original title of Journey Into Mystery sees a lot of, well, I’m not really sure. Odin faces off against the World Eaters while blood rains from the sky. Thor is apparently in the body of a giant…part of the Asgardian Blood Legion..? It really doesn’t make much sense, as has been the norm for a Matt Fraction Thor story and the art is still hard to look at. I don’t like talking down about a series I’ve read for a few years now and enjoyed every issue but this last story has been very difficult for me to follow. One more issue to go and the Journey Into Mystery continues anew!


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I kind of feel like I need to pick up this issue of FF. Just because.

Skott of Fables

Well, it's the last one until Fantastic Four #600 comes out next year. And the Spider-Man/Franklin back up was really good.

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