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Bullet Reviews #9: Wolverine! Zombies! Avengers! More!

This week we have Fear Itself, 2, count ’em 2 Wolverine books, we pop into the Ultimate universe and, naturally, a zombie comic! So, let’s jump into it!

THE AVENGERS #12 (Marvel)Avengers
Wow! I’m stunned at the message here. Bendis is actually promoting an elitist hierarchy. The Illuminati has one more member and the point of the entire story was to get certain people to see that it is better for a small group of individuals to direct the lives and paths of humanity as a whole. As for the story, there would a few gradual twists and turns as well as some good scenes with the Hood and his point of view. One thing that I would have liked to see done differently though: I would like to see the next story organically rise from these pages. Bendis usually has a good way of doing this, but I’m concerned that with the next book being Avengers #12.1 we may see a complete change in direction that just would not happen in real life. I have a feeling that the Infinity Gems would be the source of trouble for a good long while. -Andy KirbyFeat Itself


A somewhat interesting look at why the Red Skull’s daughter is and acts the way she does and is. However, this book seems to be more of a follow-up to the Captain America title than to the Fear Itself crossover event. In it we see a mild nature vs. nurture argument that Jim McCann wavers back and forth over, leading us to one conclusion and then the other. Overall, it was a little weak, and totally unnecessary as a tie-in. -Andy Kirby


SILVER SURFER #3 (Marvel)Silver Surfer
High Evolutionary. He’s been a busy boy, first he stole the Power Cosmic of the Silver Surfer which turned him back into Norrin Radd and this issue we find out more of what he’s up to. While trying to stop H. E. from doing whatever it is that he wants to do, Norrin teams with Suzi Endo, a technomancer, and travels the desert to find and figure out what’s going on. We find out that The Evolutionary has also stolen some of Galactus’ tech and is using it for a very different reason: Instead of destroying worlds he apparently wants to create life on planets where no life exists. Add to this shock turn of events the announcement that the Evolutionary also wants a herald to find planets who need life. Norrin naturally thinks he’s the one who is being referred to but it’s Endo who Evolutionary wants and transforms her into his Seeker. It’s nice to have writer Greg Pak on this book because he obviously loves this character and know how to write him. It’s nice to see the Silver Surfer being done right! –Skott Of FablesUltimate Spider-Man


As I fly through this book, the pencils on the page come alive. I remember 10 years ago when I first started reading Ultimate Spidey and how Osborn was scarier here than in the 616. And all that came back in this issue. Osborn finally goes off the deep end in this somewhat disjointed issue, taking reality into his own hands and changing the course of the title to a deeper, more real place. I do think, however, that this issue could have been a little better paced if it wasn’t trying to coincide with the other 1610 book that’s going on right now. But, we’ll see where it goes. -Andy Kirby


WOLVERINE #8 (Marvel)Wolverine
Aaron pulls it together for a bang up ending. With guest appearances from Melita, Kurt, and even Jean. In this book, Logan finds out what he really wants to live for before he dies…and unfortunately it’s revenge. I’m torn with this issue because, though the next story obviously flows directly from this one, the concept of Wolverine going for revenge is tired. But it should be interesting to see how Logan rebuilds all the rooms in his head and which ones he tackles first. But most importantly, did we see a bit of the real Jean? -Andy Kirby


WolverineWOLVERINE AND JUBILEE #4 (Marvel)
The only book carrying the “Curse of the Mutants – Aftermath” title is finally over. Not that it wasn’t good. The art was fair and the writing good enough. The question that still remains for me is “What was this book for?” There was no other “Aftermath” stories, and this seems to have come and gone. Jubilee has changed a little. She’s immortal, she has a healing factor, and a little part of her can now phase (somewhere between Nightcrawler and Shadowcat). But, hey, at least Rockslide and Jubilee are now friends…wait–what? Is that really all we got out of this? Come ON!!! Tell me I didn’t waste all that time and money. Sheesh… –Andy Kirby


Infestation ended in a very odd way. Everything wound up back in the ZvR universe and seemingly little to no impact of the events of Infestation felt. Not so. While going in and out of the other universes, the Undermind was collecting tech and information that it plans to use in the ZvR universe to further it’s cause. This story picks up after Infestation but takes place before the first Zombies Vs. Robots series, before everything went to hell in this reality. The humans are losing the battle against the undead and have put the Final Solution into play: 100 people have been chosen to enter Undercity, a huge city underneath Washington DC. Robots are sent out to collect the chosen and have a problem with the Presidents Minister, the Reverend Caleb Ironwood. Ironwood tells the robots he refuses to leave his people to the undead and is left behind. The robots go to the ‘fall back’ minister who has managed to get a large group of zombies to listen to him instead of eat him. The robots arrive, kill the zombies and take Reverend Tully Baxter away… they don’t notice he allowed himself to be bitten by a zombie that was gunned down. This issue ends with the infected Baxter sealed in Undercity with the other chosen and Ironwood unleashing his Godbots. I can’t wait to see where this goes! -Skott Of Fables


There you go. Certainly a Marvel Week but I think the first time Wolverine has appeared with a Bullet. Thanks for reading and feel free to give your opinions on these Bullets and let us know what you’d like to see get a Bullet!


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