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Bullet Reviews #2: 02/05/11


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #653 (Marvel)Amazing Spider-Man
Revenge of the Spider-Slayer continues! Spider-Man tries his best to keep JJJ’s son John alive by preventing his rocket from exploding. That in itself is difficult but when you have to fight the all-new Scorpion on a rocket speeding into space…it tends to make things a tad more difficult.

This Spider-Slayer thing is a little more interesting than I thought it would be though I’m still waiting for a certain upcoming story.

Writing wise Dan Slott manages to make these rather mundane Insect Army characters seem interesting and mysterious by only offering the bare minimum of why they hate Jameson, I kind of like that. I’m slowly warming up to the art as well but really do miss Humberto Ramos.

The Looter back-up is actually interesting and I’m curious to see where this goes…. Also, I finally learned that Squirrel Girl is an actual character and not just a bad joke. – Skott Of Fables
*Check out Nick C’s review of this Amazing issue!*

I really like Doctor Strange. The two parts of the Marvel Universe that ALWAYS interested me were the Cosmic and the Mystic parts. I guess the mystic comes from Ghost Rider being my first official comic book and his ties to this part of the Marvel Universe. This particular Doctor Strange story was originally going to be part of a series Marvel had for a very short time in 1998 called Marvel Universe. The series was canceled before this specific story could be published and is being published here for the very first time under the From The Marvel Vault banner. It’s a fun concept that I hope Marvel continues because I know there has to be a LOT of stories that were never published. I’m thinking of a certain story about Galactus that was apparently to be part of an Epic title that never happened.

Anyway, this story centers on a much younger Doctor Strange, he still wears his original blue outfit here, who moves into what would eventually become his Sanctum Sanctorum. Along with a quick recap of his origin we also learn that the land this house was built on had a long and nasty history riddled with murder and cults, all kinds of mystic stuff. Strange, after deciding to buy the house, goes on a journey to find the source of the trouble and ends up in battle with an ancient evil and has to figure out how to stop this thing before it escapes it’s realm and enters ours. The thing to keep in mind here is Strange doesn’t have the years of experience in this story and is still learning to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

A very fun one off story that not only fills the need for a Doctor Strange story but easily reminded me why I love this character so much. Fans of magic and certainly fans of Doctor Strange would do well to pick this one shot up! -Skott Of Fables

Wow, this series just keeps getting better. Red Robin and his companions get sucked into the Unternet (yes, the Unternet) where they proceed to fight both real and digital versions of some of DC’s greatest villains! The original Anarchy, who is paralyzed in the real world, returns to full strength inside the unternet to lend Red Robin a helping hand in this gripping finale to this ongoing storyarch. The biggest plus to this issue is the reveal of Red Robin’s new suit. It looks AMAZING. It was only seen in the Unternet, but we can only hope it transitions into the real world for future use? It looks much better than his current outfit. –Jordamus Prime

Red Robin Red Robin

See you next week!

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