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BULLETPOINTS: The Weekly News Round-Up


Hello faithful readers and welcome to another in a series that will cover some of the highlights in comic book news and features from the week.  Once a week the Comic 4 News Team assembles for a live YouTube Podcast show (on the JLS Comics channel) where we discuss the latest happenings, the most breaking and controversial and everything in between. We call it the Comiconversation (Get it? Comic Conversation and ComiCon … it is a nerdy portmanteau).

  •  One of our first topics was a Free Comic Book Day After-Report. Many of us visited our local shops and participated in the goings-on there whether it be picking free books, participating in raffles, digging through long boxes of back issues on steep discount or even chatting it up with the local cosplayers.  The 2017 Free Comic Book Day was a great day for everyone.
  •  Dr. Aphra just won a StarWars.Com contest in which fans could vote on the next action figure… 3.75″ Hasbro Figure on the way and will be part of the Star Wars Vintage line. Another fan favorite, Ahsoka Tano, was the runner up. This is yet another notch in Doctor Aphra’s belt and once again proves that this character will indeed be around for quite some time.
  •  We recently got a peek at the cast for the upcoming Inhumans TV show which will air on ABC after the first two episodes. Two of the key points in that part of our conversation were around Black Bolt’s lack of a cowl and Medusa’s wig.  What are your thoughts? Let us know down in the comments.
  •  The 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards gave us the last trailer for the upcoming DCEU feature ‘Wonder Woman’. Early tracking has the opening weekend domestic box office numbers around $80-83 million.
  •  Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 reviews are people are loving it!  Listen to the podcast to get the panel’s thoughts and reactions to the film as well as expectations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Cosmic Universe going forward in the Phase 4 and beyond.
  • A rated R reboot to the Hellboy franchise is officially underway. It is entitled ‘Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen’ Stranger Things’ David Harbour is being pulled in for the project.
Cast Photo for Inhumans. Courtesy of ABC

We talked about much more as well and if you’d like to hear some of the speculation picks and “hot books” and books we just plain ol’ love to read each week, make sure to listen and watch the last third of the show where we discuss what to read and what to look out for on this New Comic Book Wednesday, May 3rd 2017.

Thanks, it folks! Thanks for reading and watching this “hot of the press” series … Bulletpoints!


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