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BULLETPOINTS: The Weekly News Round-Up


Hello faithful readers and welcome to the very first in a new series that will cover some of the highlights in comic book news and features from the week.  Once a week the Comic 4 News Team assembles for a live YouTube Podcast show (on the JLS Comics channel) where we discuss the latest happenings, the most breaking and controversial and everything in between. We call it the Comiconversation (Get it? Comic Conversation and ComiCon … it is a nerdy portmanteau).

Each week I will briefly cover some of the topics here in written form and at the bottom of the column you will always find a link to the YouTube podcast discussion. For even more interaction, find us there – on JLS Comics – live and chat with us in the live chat feed in real time.

Here is what we talked about on the thirty-ninth episode which covered news for the end of April and beginning of May time period.

  1.  The instantly-classic movie Logan is back in the news, with the release of the Blu-Ray a mere two weeks away.  May 16th will see the movie hit shelves and will come with a slew of additional features such as commentary from the director, deleted scenes and even a noir/black and white version.  On the same day, the Noir version of the movie will hit select theaters around the U.S. for a limited “one-night-only” showing.
  2. Much earlier in the writing stages for Logan (and for a different version of the script that ultimately got) Liev Schreiber was approached by Hugh Jackman and James Mangold to reprise his role as Sabretooth. Due to filming commitments with Ray Donovan, however, he was unable to oblige.
  3. Todd McFarlane has announced that he as finally gotten his Spawn script to a point where he will be able to pitch it to studio execs.  According to Todd himself in a Facebook video, the script was actually completed a couple of months ago but was nearly 180 pages … far too long for a typical Hollywood script which is, on average, about 120 pages (1 pager per minute equals about a two hour movie).  Who will pick up the movie? Who will play Spawn, Wanda, Sam, Twitch? Hopefully that news will come soon!
  4. The Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 is already a box office juggernaut, surpassing Thor, The Winter Soldier and more in the pre-domestic opening weekend time period. It has already raked in over $106 million dollars and not every global market has had its opening yet.
  5. WWE‘s Mike “The Miz” Mizanin has indicated he is interested in playing Booster Gold in the DC Entertainment Universe. Looks and personality wise, it would surely be a good fit.
  6. Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins is already talking about a sequel to Wonder Woman,a  film that will not be out for another month yet. Her vision is to bring Wonder Woman to the present day now that her origin story will be told and established.
  7.  Some auditions have found there way online for people that have read for part for the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie. The lower thirds on one of the clips indicated a character named “Marie” leading some to believe that Anna Paquin’s Rogue (Anna Marie) is to be recast. It was in fact a young actress by the name of Alexa Swinton from the TV series Billions.
  8. Free Comic Book Day takes place this weekend. Be sure to head to your local comic book shop to take part in all the fun and festivities.

We talked about much more as well and if you’d like to hear some of the speculation picks and “hot books” and books we just plain ol’ love to read each week, make sure to listen and watch the last third of the show where we discuss what to read and what to look out for on this New Comic Book Wednesday, May 3rd 2017.

Thanks, it folks! Thanks for reading and watching this first in a brand new “hot of the press” series … Bulletpoints!


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Thanks Jeff! I have been saying for a while they should’ve used Sabretooth instead of X-24 but, alas, they never happened.

I really have my fingers crossed that Wonder Woman is the great movie I really want it to be!

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