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Bust 3 Kickstarter Spotlight

Bust 2

I’ve never had anyone ask me; but for those that are wondering, yes. I put my money where my mouth is. I back the Kickstarter’s that I really like or can afford and I love supporting indie comics. I usually get these comics for free so if I felt like it I could just read the comic and do a review and let it be, but when I truly like a comic I feel like I owe the art team the respect of paying them for their efforts.

Bust 3

In the case of Bust I was more than pleasantly surprised by the quality of the book and that goes all the way around; writing style, story, and the art that puts it all together. I truly enjoyed Bust and since I gave it a favorable review writer Dave Cook gave me a whack at Vessels as well. I missed out on all the other Kickstarter’s for Bust and Vessels, so this time I decided to catch up a little. I pledged twenty pounds, about twenty seven US dollars, to get all three books in print. Already have the other books? Not a problem; they have three pound PDF’s, four pound prints, and package deals like mine. Already have them all and are excited for something new? For twelve pounds you can take both Bust 3 and Vessels. There are a ton of awesome rewards to check out.

I admit that my motives are somewhat selfish. I want my rewards. But I also really do love this series and want to see it make its way to the end. I really hope you consider giving and making this happen! Kickstarter is one of the best ways to support indie comics and make sure that great projects like Bust are seen through!  Bust can be found at the Card Shark Comics website or Comichaus and on the Kickstarter page that is linked all over this article.

Bust 2

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