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C2E2 2015 – Comin’ in HOT!!!!

motor city con

Chicago’s very own C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) has raised it’s banners again as well as it’s game!   Without a doubt friday night cosplay was hot and heavy and expected to continue skyward all weekend!!!  Cosplay was again a very popular event at the con today and my goal is to get pictures of cosplay out everyday for your viewing and so you can see what you’re missing!!!!  This convention is certainly not to be missed – great celebs, fantastic artist alley and of course comics!!!   Enjoy the pics and try and get out here the next few days!!!  Totally worth it!

Check out whats in store this weekend for con-goers at C2E2. And watch this news clip on opening day at C2E2.



C2E2128 C2E2127 C2E2126 C2E2125 C2E2124 C2E2122 C2E2121 C2E220 C2E218 C2E217 C2E216 C2E215 C2E214 C2E213 C2E211 C2E29 C2E28 C2E27 C2E25 C2E24 C2E22 C2E21

Luv these guys!!! (and gals)!

C2E2162 C2E2161 C2E2160 C2E2159 C2E2158 C2E2157 C2E2156 C2E2155 C2E2154 C2E2153 C2E2152 C2E2151 C2E2149 C2E2148 C2E2147 C2E2146 C2E2145 C2E2144 C2E2143 C2E2142 C2E2141 C2E2140 C2E2139 C2E2138 C2E2137 C2E2136 C2E213435 C2E2134 C2E2133 C2E2132

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