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Camelot Court Kickstarter Preview

Camelot Court 2

A HUGE part of geek culture revolves around tabletop games and games like Dungeons and Dragons, so when I saw that this comic was inspired by a session of a game played on International Tabletop Day I knew that it had to be something special. Passion projects are always worth the time and energy for the creators and it’s no small token of reverence and honor to someone’s passion to assist in the creation. This project is exactly why I love the idea of Kickstarter and crowd funding.

Camelot Court is a story of a group of friends living their best lives in a trailer park named Camelot Court, so it should come as no surprise that a descendant of Merlin is one of those folks. The characters are a really funny group of diverse characters and their banter and friendship are only enhanced when Merlin himself shows up in a whirlwind of what looks like lightning. The cast of characters are a core group but there is a ton of diversity in the species of villains, as expected from a fantasy book, and the reveals of such characters are what I love about fantasy.

The art in Camelot Court is done by Omar Zaldivar and the majority of the characters and backgrounds are set in Camelot Court, but where I think he shines is in the character design of Herne, Herne is Herne the Hunter and he is a formidable looking warrior that is sitting atop what looks like either a wooden or zombie looking buck with a giant set of horns. The buck is certainly formidable looking by himself but with Herne on top of him their both more than mean, their scary. Herne has a huge set of antlers that are only rivaled by his steed and together their look is easily one of the best parts of Camelot Court.

This Kickstarter has a ton of rewards starting with five dollars for two PDF’s, one of Camelot Court and one of Astropunk #1; and ending with cameo appearances and even a chance to play a game with the creators. The rewards are fun and the chance to talk with creators is a unique thing for the indie community, I doubt any creator for the big two would answer an email let alone play a game with you over Skype let alone possibly in person. For the person like me just looking to get the book and maybe the PDF there is a very reasonable pledge where they’re only asking for fifteen dollars and they offer three PDF’s and the signed hard copy of Camelot Court. Very worth it and a perfect price for what is offered.

If Camelot Court sounds like something you would like to back you can check them out on Kickstarter right now!

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