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Captain America: Civil War Trailer and Posters!


The trailer for the highly anticipated film Captain America: Civil War dropped online shortly after members of the cast appeared on  Jimmy Kimmel Live, and has since exploded on Twitter and Facebook feeds and surprised a lot of fans who were expecting it to debut in front of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While Civil War might be headlined by Captain America, it will feature so many MCU characters (not the least of which is Tony Stark/ Iron Man)  that many fans were thinking it would play like Avengers 2.5. The great aspect about this trailer is that, while we got to see a lot of the MCU characters (including Black Panther for the first time), it did not feel like an Avengers sequel. Tonally and thematically, this film feels like a true sequel to Captain America: Winter Soldier. Not surprising since the Russo brothers, who helmed that film, have directed this one as well, and it seems to pick up from story points from that film, and continues the same themes. It has a similar color palette and style to the The Winter Soldier, particularly how the action scenes are directed, but the real link between the two films is Bucky. The fate of this character – the government wants him dead – is the catalyst for Cap’s actions here, and the impetus for the Civil War itself. Indeed, it seems that the Civil War story-line has spurred (rather organically) from this manhunt for Bucky. It’s really the best way to go forward with a sequel: to continue to explore those themes of the earlier film.

Here’s the trailer and posters for the movie:

[youtube id=”uVdV-lxRPFo” width=”620″ height=”360″]


Captain America: Civil War
The main poster

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

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