Captain America: Super Soldier – Interview and Review

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Earlier this year at Wonder Con 2011 Cousin Matt and I had the opportunity to each experience the upcoming Captain America: Super Solider video game in our own ways. Cousin Matt by getting a first hand experience of playing it, and myself through an awesome interview correspondence with the fantastic Christos Gage in the time that followed. Below is my interview, complete with official screen caps courtesy by the fine folks at SEGA, as well as Cousin Matt’s own first hand re-telling of the game complete with pictures taken live from the event. Enjoy!



Image is the property of Captain America: Super Soldier

Image is the property of Captain America: Super Soldier


N – Hello again, Chris. It was so nice meeting you at Wonder Con this weekend, and thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

C – Pleasure to meet you as well! I’m glad to have the chance to chat.

N- Likewise! My first question is wrought with curiosity, typically people get asked about the hardships of transferring mediums but what I want to know is what was your *favorite* part of taking Captain America to this next level?

C- I’d have to say bringing the villains in. Giving voice to Baron Strucker’s arrogance and condescension… introducing the idea of a World War II era Madame Hydra… and convincing everyone that Iron Cross, a fairly obscure antagonist from the 1970’s INVADERS comic, would make for an awesome boss fight!

Image is the property of Captain America: Super Soldier

Image is the property of Captain America: Super Soldier
N- Hahaha!! That’s awesome! Why Iron Cross, what does he mean to you? I imagine there’s some great tale there.


C- Not really…he’s just cool. A walking tank! What’s cooler than that?

N- Hahaha! I like the way you think. So, which villain in “Super Soldier” is your favorite then? Or do you have a hard time choosing?

C- It is tough to choose. I enjoyed writing the sadistic Madame Hydra, and I am told she steals the show, so I can’t wait to see her in action!

Image is the property of Captain America: Super Soldier

Image is the property of Captain America: Super Soldier
N- Ooh, very exciting!! How much of the game have you gotten to play yourself? Have you had a chance to beat it, yet?


C- No, I’ve only played what you saw at Wondercon. I’m getting really good at those 17 minutes, though!

N- Hahaha!! I bet!! Ah, that is awesome. Mm, well, final question then. What does Captain America mean to you, as a human, a creator, and a fan?

C- Captain America, to me, represents the ideals behind America. Not a political party or administration, but the dreams of freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He represents the best we can be, not just physically but in terms of who we are. And as a fan, he means thirty years of awesome stories, firing my imagination and
inspiring me to go after the best job I could ever have!


Image is the property of Captian America: Super Soldier

Image is the property of Captian America: Super Soldier

Well there you have it, a fantastic interview that I enjoyed immensely and waited on anxious pins and needles to share with your all.


Now, for Cousin Matt’s take on it…



Hey to you all again, this is Cousin Matt bringing you the summary of the game Captain America: Super Soldier, coming out July 19th 2011.

I kind of wish that I wasn’t really in front of a bunch of viewers when I played it at WonderCon, not because I was a little shy  and get nervous easily even if I am pretty much like that.  When I arrived there, I watched as a little boy was kicking serious butt against a whole group of Nazi’s.

When I started to play, I felt like my seven year old self still trying to figure out how to press what button did what, even with the guy showing me how to use the controls was telling me what to do.   Still, I was a quick leaner and could knock the teeth out of the villains quicker than you can say “CAPTAI…” and get promptly knocked out.

The game itself is incredible, though.  When I played it I had a similar feeling to Grand Theft Auto IV.  This of course meant the character was just a bit on the slow side, but beyond that, the way the main guy attacked was a bit like our dear friend Niko Bellic, plus a few more action moves like  Batman from Arkham Asylum.  The fights are very fluent and you can change to different targets quickly, and even throw the shield at a man who is just a second away from firing his gun at you.  You can even go into a quick cinematic event during a fight that will show Cap laying the ‘smack down’ on the opponent, and it isn’t a quick time event like most would believe it to be.

There is also a quick minigame that will unlock a door for you while you play it, which is pretty much connecting the letters and numbers together.  The children behind me giggled when I tried to cross the words together but missed constantly.

My favorite part of the game was a situation that I myself made, and showed me that I was going to be very willing to play the game when it came out.  You see, my favorite, FAVORITE game is Saints Row 2, the one game that I constantly play over and over again.  Why?  Because I always find something new to play.  From watching some random civilian fall off the tallest building, to smacking myself across the city by exploding the car that I was standing upon.  It’s all due to the openness of the game.

Sure, Captain America:  Super Soldier is linear, but it was a quick fight that lead me to find that there was an opening for interesting things to happen. While my helper was going to let me try the non-quick time event knock-out, I suddenly smashed my arm into a face of a random Nazi.  The strike hit the poor guard so hard that he flew into the air, his head slamming into the top of the doorway behind him..and he spun in the air before landing in a heap on the ground before me.



Yeah, the guy next to me laughed pretty hard.

I could say I have other stories about the game itself, but it was only a taste of the game.  Plus I felt really bad when I felt a tug on my jeans and saw a very, very tiny five-six year old boy wanted to play after me, giving me the look like I was truly hogging all the fun.  I felt bad, I really did.  When I finished to a point, I restarted the game for the boy and handed it to him, chuckling when another boy twice his size yelled that it was his turn..Blah, let the little tyke get his turn first, I say.

So anyway, I highly recommend the game, and if there is further information, be ready to see yet another article with my name on it to tell you much needed info.  Besides, between you and me, I really am curious to see what Arnim Zola will look like in the game, mostly because he always looked ridiculous to me!



Captain America: Super Solider hits stores everywhere on July 19th, 2011. So if you’re a fan of Cap, Marvel, or just awesome Video Games, feel free to pick it up and press start. – N


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