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Capullo and Millar to launch REBORN in October



Mark Millar has tapped Superstar artist and creator Greg Capullo for a project with Millar’s own publishing house MillarWorld. The new book, announced on June 6th, will be titled Reborn.  Reborn “follows Bonnie Black, an 80-year-old woman who is afraid to die, but then when she passes she’s shocked to find there is a world beyond our own.” he told Deadline in an interview recently.Millar Reborn

The summary of the monthly series, as told by Millar himself is  that “It’s not Heaven. It’s not Hell. It’s as real and hard as where we live now, but filled with the most amazing fantasy landscapes, jaw-dropping creatures and a battle raging between good and evil. The people she loved in this world — her father and her childhood dog — but oddly, not her husband who had passed over 14 years before. So she sets out to find him. She realizes that she has been reborn as a 25-year-old woman with a sword in her hand and gun of her hip” and embarks on an adventure as she searches for the lost love of her life.

The question stands, since Mark Millar’s previous work has his the screen and more of his properties have been picked up by movie studios, will this title be one to watch?  Will this be a title that will one day find its way to movie theaters?  With a team like Millar and Capullo, I will certainly be keeping a close eye on this one.

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Mark Millar is well-known and highly regarded in the comic book world. So much, in fact, that many of his titles and properties find their way in to the hands of movie studio executives and on to the big screen. Millar’s work on The Ultimates and their popularity propelled Marvel to create an entire Ultimates universe for these characters. Wanted, KickAss and Kingsmen have all found success in movie theaters around the world.  He has also won multiple Eisner and Eagle awards for his work in the industry through the years.

Greg Capullo, a superstar in his own right, is coming to MillarWorld hot off the heels of his smash hit run on Batman Volume 2. Capullo has also worked on Spawn, X-Force, Creech and Quasar all the way back in the early years of the 1990s. He drew the album art for the bands Korn and Disturbed.  He is excited for this new venture on his own project.

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