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Catch Up With The First 10 Issues Of Haunt


Co-Creators Todd McFarlane, Robert Kirkman, along with their team, have brought us ten issues of Haunt. The action/horror/espionage story of Daniel and the ghost of his dead government agent brother Kurt who is always with him. With issue eleven coming this month, the story has finally really kicked off and now we should see what Haunt can really do. If you have not been keeping up with image comics or this title specifically, Daniel is a priest and his brother Kurt was a secret agent, but now is a ghost only Daniel can hear. When the two combine, they form a super powered version of Daniel called Haunt.

The Robert Kirkman story line is full of all sort of catch 22’s for the characters. Kurt is dead and only has his brother Daniel who can see him. Daniel hates Kurt for stealing the love of his life. Kurt is in love with another agent, but got killed during what was to be the last mission before they ran away together. The agency has a problem with security, as is desperate enough to train and employ Daniel as a full agent. Daniel has super powers when he and his brother are in the Haunt form, but using the power too long could kill him. All this makes for interesting reading as nothing happens without costing someone something.

The artwork is full blood, dirty looks, and symbiote style powers. Different artists including Ryan Ottley, Greg Capullo, and McFarlane doing covers, pencils, and inks. All have done great on capturing the untrusting and frustrated looks for the cast of characters in the quesetioneable lives they lead. When the action starts and Haunt uses tendril attacks to remove sections of still breathing bodies, blood and guts filling the pages, the gruesome capabilities of each artist really shines.

With McFarlane as co-creator it is tough not to compare Haunt with Spider-Man and Spawn. The symbiote like abilities and the back from the grave story do not help with those comparisons. That really should not be much of a problem as both comics have quite a large following, and fans of a reluctant flawed hero like Spidey can enjoy this story on a similar level. Spawn fans used to the brutality and life after death aspects should also feel at home in this comic. Where Haunt can make its mark has yet to be seen. The last ten issues have set up the story and established characters, but little else. Where the story goes is wide open. No major villains yet, no real tests of resolve, his powers just being explored, there is room for just about anything. With the creative talent working on this comic anything is possible. It is fun getting in on the ground floor of a comic book, but some real tests of inner strength and powers could be amazing.  I am hoping they get to it soon. Go out and pick up a few issues and prepare for what will probably be very bloody fun.

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