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CBCS Comics Is Moving! Read This For Details On What To Expect


CBCS ComicsSteve Borock, the CBCS Comics President and Head Grader, took to social media this morning to inform everyone of the much-anticipated move of CBCS from Florida to Dallas, Texas.

Below is what he had to say.  If you are an authorized witness or a person who submits comic books to CBCS for grading, you will want to read this for the effective date, the new address, telephone numbers and when to expect all this change to take place.

Attention CBCS customers and supporters.

We are moving! Our long-awaited move to Dallas is about to take place. CBCS will be moving operations to 4635 McEwen Road, Dallas TX 75244.

The move will commence on June 11th and will be completed on June 18th. Our customer service staff will be available during the move to answer any questions you might have on your submission and any submission already on its way will be re-routed to our new facility.  Our goal is to limit the impact on production as much as possible, but there could be slight delays on some of the services during the move. This is bittersweet, as we are saying goodbye to our first home in St Petersburg, but we are very excited at the opportunities opening for us and our valued clients in Dallas.

Our office numbers will remain the same
Phone: 727.803.6822
Toll Free: 844.870.2227

Our new facility will be sharing the same office space as Beckett Grading and Authentication Services. This move offers CBCS many positive opportunities that we have not had over the last few years. More room to work, more staff to handle/process orders, help with show planning, and a few new services/products that will be coming soon are just a few of the things we are excited about. The move of CBCS to Dallas will not change our continued devotion to providing consistent comic book grading according to our established standards while providing the best customer service in the hobby. You, our client base, will always come first!

Steve Borock, President and Head Grader for CBCS, stated, “Collectors do not have to be concerned about the consistency of our grading standards during, or after, our move to Dallas. Our graders will be moving with the company, so CBCS will not face a loss of grading knowledge and experience. I am humbled by the dedication our amazing employees have shown during our transition with Beckett Media and the upcoming move to Dallas.”

Should you have any questions or concerns about the relocation, please feel free to contact us at

We look forward to seeing and serving you at our greatly improved office surroundings.

Remember our new address is:
4635 McEwen Road

Dallas, TX 75244

**Please ship all submissions to our new address after June 7th, 2018 to avoid possible delays in receiving invoices.

Thank you all for your continued support and, as always, happy collecting!

-The CBCS Team


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I was at the con at George Mason University in Virginia June 10th 2018 to meet Rob Liefeld. we took pictures and the god autographs paid for the cbcs authorization but never received it I’ve called several times and keep being told it’s on its way it is February 2019 and do not believe it takes this long to get an autograph back. Maybe something happened along the way but I do need my signed comic book back.someone plesse contact me with information.

Aaron Clutter

Jenny, we do not actually work with or represent CBCS. Your best bet would probably be to go to their site and message them.

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