CBH Report: Kirkman Talks Women of Walking Dead


Robert Kirkman, best known for the hit comic book series and AMC television show The Walking Dead, has been praised for his absolutely brilliant portrayal of women.  “I just get them”, the legendary writer said.  Producers for The Walking Dead, which holds the record for the highest viewership in cable history and was nominated for numerous Emmy awards, have been working hard on the third season which promises to be the wildest season yet.   When we asked what kind of things the female character would go through this season Kirkman had this to say:

“You can’t just put a woman in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and expect her not to be a mess.  People are concerned that with the introduction of Michonne, the female characters won’t be nearly as well written, but there is no need to worry.  While Michonne will be a warrior at heart you can’t deny the fact that she is still a very flawed woman.  I know how to write women, I always have.  I understand them better than they probably even understand themselves, I just get them.”

It will be hard to top last season after how honestly he showed how women would react during a zombie apocalypse.  If you remember last season he showed women drive carelessly in addition to having them complain about each other and how they aren’t pulling their weight by helping with the washing, cleaning, or cooking.  To top it all off, he even had a woman fail at killing herself!  So the world truly has to wonder how Kirkman plans on topping last season.  A fan tweeted early yesterday morning this.

“How does Kirkman think he can top Andrea shooting Darryl?”

Fans are curious what the next step Kirkman is going to take in his breathtaking vision of women surviving a zombie apocalypse.   Guess we will have to wait until October 14th to find out, when The Walking Dead returns on AMC for an all new season.

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James Victor Von Hal

Ha! This is great, seriously though, the only woman i liked was Maggie until she went all "woman" crazy too.

I never realized how crazy and ignorant they made women in that show until now, some serious truth to this article hehe

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