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CBH Report: Raimi Calls Amazing Spider-Man “Shortsighted and Mindless”

Sam Raimi

Amazing Spider-Man had everything people wanted.  The reviews were good.  The money it pulled in was excellent.  Critics and fans fell in love with Gwen Stacy almost as much as Peter Parker.  But one Spidey fan in particular found it “Tasteless and Mind-Numbing” that man of course is none other than famous director,Sam Raimi.    While most comic fans will admit that Sony strayed, they still seem to appreciate what Amazing Spider-Man brought to the table.  Why exactly does Sam Raimi hate the reboot of Spider-Man so much?   Long story short?  It wasn’t Spider-Man 4.  To be more specific, he didn’t make it.

Could Raimi still be hot about his Spider-Man 4 and 5 never got to see the light of day?   Or it could be the whole Evil Tobey Maguire Spider-ManDead remake.  But it is probably the Spider-Man 4 and 5.  Sam may be bitter but the rest of the world isn’t.  After an incredibly successful Spider-Man Trilogy with Toby Maguire as Peter Parker, fans agreed that Raimi had done enough damage after the dreadful Spider-Man 3.   Raimi continues to claim the studio had a big part to do with everything that was wrong with Spider-Man 3.  To be more specific he says he never wanted to add Venom into the series, which is abundantly clear once you see Topher Grace was cast as Eddie Brock.    Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy was decent casting, but then Emma Stone won audiences hearts as the sweet girl next door.  Everyone completely forgot about whatsherface being Mary Jane Watson.

I laid the groundwork for another installment.  I created such a great world for Spider-Man and everyone just throws it away for some ridiculous plot about Lizard People?  And they didn’t even use Dylan Baker!” , Raimi tweets around 3:37 a.m.  He was obviously drunk as his following tweets were “What about Vultress and Vulture!?”  He also liked using hashtags such as #StupidSony and #MarcWebbLikesEatingPoop.

Sony recently announced they plan on showcasing Gwen Stacy death in the Amazing Spider-Man sequels.  Can’t wait to see what Raimi tweets then.  Below are a few other tweets from Raimi just for your viewing pleasure.

“How can he meet Gwen when he is in highschool when he met her in part 3 #MarcWebbBlows”

“Webshooters??   What the hell are webshooters??  #readthecomicsdummy #Ihatebritishdirectors”

“James Cameron would have made a better Spider-Man!  Even with the rape scene! #MarcWebbBangsDolphins”


*DISCLAIMER*: As with all Comic Booked Humor Reports (CBH Reports), the above article is entirely fictitious and satirical. Don’t blame us if you found it amusing (okay, blame us a little bit) but also please don’t blame us if you took it seriously. It’s all in good fun people.*

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Ha! Love the jab at Cameron, classy.

I feel asleep during that movie so Im not sure if it was shortsighted but it was definitely SHORT for me.

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