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Chandler Riggs not leaving The Walking Dead

Carl Grimes

The speculation fires were fanned profusely lately with news that Chandler Riggs – Carl Grimes- would be leaving The Walking Dead, AMC’s hit show based upon Robert Kirkman’s comic books and graphic novels.  There were two components to the rumor: college and contracts.

What began the rumors is a Twitter post by Riggs stating that he had “just got accepted into auburn“.

Chandler Riggs

Riggs’ father, William Riggs, then posted something about Chandler’s seven year contract being up and due for renewal (or not).  “Completed 7 years on TWD! #freedom #thewalkingdead” It said.

Fans quickly pieced these two components together to mean that  Chandler Riggs would not be renewing his contract and, because of that, a potential surprise death on the show would be on the way very soon (which does not line up with the Image / Skybound comic book source material). In fact, Carl Grimes is alive and well all the way up to issue # 160, the latest issue in the comic book series. So for him to die on the show would not align with the original timeline and course of events (that said, we did see the community of Oceanside already which doesn’t get mentioned until issue # 139 and we’re still sitting around issue 105-110-ish in continuity on the television show so the precedence has been set for such things to happen.)  In the show, Carl is seen by Jesus in the back of a cargo truck heading toward the Saviors’ compound.

Fans are quick to say “Carl is going to die!” 

That all said, Gina-Ann Riggs, Chandler’s mother, has now entered the speculation fray with her own input on the subject.  On Instagram, Gina-Ann posted this: “Don’t over analyze.  His seven year contract is up. That’s all he was saying, nothing else.”  She added; “Pretty big accomplishment for a child actor…”

Chandler Riggs


So is Chandler Riggs leaving The Walking Dead? Gina doesn’t want us to think so.  We may see less of Carl on the show being that he will be in Alabama for studies (The Walking Dead is filmed in Georgia, the last episode was partially filmed on Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, GA to be exact).

Coupled with his continued presence in the comic books, it does look like Carl will be sticking around. Carl is not in the back of the Savior’s cargo truck with Jesus on his way to die – he’s on his way to the Savior compound where ultimately Negan will taking a liking to Rick Grimes’ son.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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