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Check Out the First Gameplay From Platinum Games’ The Legend of Korra at Comic Con 2014


Comic Con 2014 was a huge success, and everyone loved it. One of the games that was a big hit with all of the people who went to this amazing and very famous event was The Legend of Korra. It’s a great game that many of the best players seem to love. But what’s it all about. The first gameplay was conducted tat this big 2014 Comic Con event so that we could see whether The Legend of Korra that other users could be interested in.


It’s Tons of Fun

The Legend of Korra is a ton of fun, and the first gameplay certainly shows this. The game was recently announced only when it first went to Comic Con in 2014, but now it is widespread as a great game that people love. It’s a really fun game to watch for starters. You just enjoy looking at the character and graphics. You will also enjoy the music, sound effects and other audio sensations in addition to all of the amazing visuals. Most video games get praised for all of the visual aspects, but there are certainly some audio aspects that should be explored as well.


Other Games to Try

Of course, make sure that you are not limiting yourself out there. There are tons of games online to play, and Platinum Play online has a lot of them. Check out the games that you have heard are good from friends and other family members who ply online games. You can also look online to check forums for those games that are of the highest caliber. Be creative, and find games that no one has even heard of to try. In addition to The Legend of Korra, you might just find a few more key favorites!


How the Game Is Played

As with most of the newer games like this one, this game is pretty easy to get the hang of so there is no need to worry about that. It is set up for anyone to be able to play. It all starts with main character of Korra. Her powers are being stifled so that she can’t use them, but you have no idea who the enemy is that is blocking her amazing powers. The player of Korra will get them back eventually, but they come slow. The first play is when this happens, and then they come flooding back to her all at the same time when the second play starts. By the third play, she has everything back but she is still looking for the best ways to use them!

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