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Chicago’s Adler After Dark embraces cosplay

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Cosplay returned to Adler Planetarium this year – bringing Chicago’s biggest costuming groups with their fantastically fabricated costumes and creative cosplays matching the theme of the month – Revenge of the Geek Chic.  Revenge of the Geek happened 19 February 2015 at Adler Planetarium in Chicago, IL.  Once a month Adler After Dark hosts a themed unique night – and once a year puts together a special night just for geeks and cosplayers!  This was the night!

Five Year Mission returned with tunes and snark for all!  Incredibly amazing cosplay representation from The 501st Legion, The Rebel Legion and We Are Cosplay was everywhere!    The cosmos were impressed, the Rebel Legion and 501st played well together with zero casualties, Moulder and Scully were on an Adler mission and the search for Dr Who continued as the night wore on.

Adler Planetarium opened their entire gallery for the event; Historic Atwood Sphere (since 1913) was available to view the night sky, The Solar system hanging overhead through out the planetarium, their exceptional ‘The Universe’ exhibit; A Walk Through Space, a telescope tech exhibit ‘Through The Looking Glass’, the Doane Observatory and Grainger Sky Theaters  ‘Cosmic Wonder’ were among the best of the night!

If you haven’t attended an Adler After Dark event, you should!  Upcoming events are April 16th is Rocket Man, May 21st is Planetary Prom and June 18th is Close Encounters.  The annual Geek night is usually in February, so keep an eye out for next years adventure – and get your cosplay ready!!!  A don’t miss yearly event!!!

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Five Year Mission returns to Adler Planetarium Revenge of the Geek night on 19 February 2015!!!
Chicago’s own ‘We Are Cosplay’ represented! Photo courtesy of Chrystine Shelton
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Adler Planetarium is the perfect Geek spot
Photo courtesy of Matthew Crowley

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Photo courtesy of Matthew Crowley
Photo courtesy of Matthew Crowley
Adler part 248
Photo courtesy of Matthew Crowley
Adler part 214
Founders of We Are Cosplay Geek it up! Angelique Starr Rickhoff, Paul Heid (Skeletor), Nyq Bonaventura
Adler part 223
Great Photographers geek out just like us!

Adler part 243


Photo courtesy of Matthew Crowley

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