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You Choose the Content of Marvel’s 75th Omnibus


Marvel Comics has announced they will be releasing a special omnibus to celebrate 75 years of comic book publishing history and they are only asking one thing from all the fans. Choose the content! That’s right, you will have a voice in what ends up in this massive 1200-page collection of comic book goodness.

Marvel wants to hear from you. Every fan will get the opportunity to vote on the best of the best of the best from Marvel history, from 1939 to today. If you think it is good, vote for it. If you think it sucks, don’t vote for it.

Now, you may ask, how does a simple fan make my voice heard? Well, that is the really easy part. All you have to do is to email in your picks for the best Marvel comics of all time to Just copy and paste this address and email your choices. This is a chance for your to be an important part of history. Don’t believe me? Okay, how about if it came from the Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Marvel, David Gabriel?

Marvel’s 75th Anniversary belongs to our fans as much as it does to our creators and everyone behind the scenes. From day one, Marvel fans have been an integral and vocal part of making Marvel the company it is today and we want their help in celebrating. The 75th Anniversary Omnibus is the perfect way to celebrate with our marvelous fans. Email your picks for the best Marvel comics of all time to – and see if yours makes it to print!

Whether you are voting for the first appearance of Spider-Man, Captain America, or Howard the Duck, or if you think that House of M, Civil War, or Marvel Zombies were the best events, email your picks to to help them decide which stories to print. You get to pick your top 75 or just your favorite #1. Once all the votes are in, the book will be compiled and the 1200-page omnibus will be released to a comic shop near you with the top 75 being released in a special exclusive digital release. All cool stuff. Find out more here.

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