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Chris Pine cast as Steve Trevor for Wonder Woman movie

Chris Pine

After months of rumors regarding Chris Pine, and his talks with DC/Warner Brothers, we finally have something that is official.  He will be playing Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, opposite Gal Gadot.

As for playing Hal Jordan, as it was also rumored, we still don’t know.  We do know that he did sign a multi-picture contract though.  That could mean he might still also play Hal. (Crosses Fingers)  DC/Warner brothers haven’t come out and said things like that wont happen, like Marvel has.

That all being said, I would guess the multi-picture contract is for Wonder Woman sequels and probably some Justice League movies as well, and that may make it hard to cast him as both Steve Trevor and Hal Jordan.  Having him play Hal and Steve in the same Justice League movie, would look a little ridiculous.

I think he will make a good Steve Trevor, I just hope whoever is writing the Wonder Woman script doesn’t get lazy and give us a scene where he has to rescue her.  If they’re smart, they could do an updated homage to that old story pitfall, by having a scene where it looks like he is going to rescue her.  Only to have the tables turn on him, so he becomes the one who needs rescuing.

Chris Pine
None of this, please.

 I must admit I am a little disappointed that this confirmation isn’t for Chris Pine to play Hal Jordan.  I think he would have nailed that role, but in the end it’s probably for the best.  I already had one hell of a mancrush on him for playing Captain Kirk so well, that if he played Hal also, it might just make my head explode.

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