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Clarity Girl #1- Fun, Cutesy Comic


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I recently read Clarity Girl #1, a comic written by Bill McCormick, with art by Chris Thomasma. The first time I read Bill McCormick’s work was when he partnered with Dorphise Jean for a very adult comic called Legends Parallel, which was creative, original, and fun. I was pleasantly surprised with Clarity Girl, which is also a fun comic, but in the opposite direction of the adult-oriented Legends Parallel, and shows Bill McCormick’s diversity as a writer.

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As a cute, chibi-type of comic, I first thought this work was aimed at all ages. The further I read, though, the more I realized this shouldn’t be recommended to young readers, either. There’s a Powerpuff Girls vibe to the comic, mixed with blood and violence, so it’s still for older readers, though not nearly as mature as Legends Parallel.

Clarity Girl is a fun read. The art style is simple and entertaining, while the writing is funny and engaging. As expected in a cute chibi comic, there’s a big robot and lots of action, with many noticeable influences from Japanese animation and manga. Check it out!

Read a preview of the comic at:

You can guy the comic at:

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