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Comic Attractions: Gemini Man Trailer


This is a new feature here at Comic Booked. Comic Attractions, a play on Comic Attractions for those of your who don’t always make the connections, is a place to check out upcoming movie trailers and get some suggestions and/or discussion about what looks good, bad, or just awesomely horrible. These could include movies hitting theaters, streaming services, or even direct download or video.

I plan on breaking each trailer down into three key elements.

Sound, Subject, and Sensibility

No, this is not the title of a new Jane Austen novel, these are the three categories that I plan on delving into for the trailers that I review here on Comic Attractions. Sound will be all about the sound quality of the official trailer, the music, but also the overall busy-ness of the trailer, sound-wise. Subject will be about the movie plot, characters, and themes. Finally, Sensibility will be about, just that, does it make sense, is the movie something that looks watchable, or just another remake/rehash/regurgitation of the same old schlock.

Let’s get to the goodies.

Several years ago, I was reading Wizard Magazine, I think. There was an article about new movies that were on the docket and plans to leverage, at that time, cutting edge technology to make some really cool special effects. One of the movies, called Gemini, was to star Sylvester Stallone as an older assassin working for the Gemini Corporation. The contract he signed with this company gave them the right to him, down to the cellular level. That being said, he finds himself the target of a contract and being hunted by a younger new assassin who seems to know all of his tips and tricks. Sounds cool, right?

The key to this original pitch was the plan was to use existing footage of Stallone to edit together a younger version of him that would be the young assassin doing the hunting. Would that have been cool? At the time, I think it could have been amazing. Could it have really sucked? Sure.

Now, though, we see that this film has actually been made, with the title character recast as Will Smith. I like him for this. I think it could be a lot of fun and still a very serious and action packed movie.


I love the soft piano intro and out music on this trailer. It sets a mood of mystery and contemplation as there are some deep issues at stake here. Lots of gunfights and different weapons used throughout the trailer. Intense action, but also probing into some deep questions that I will talk about later. This is all about sound. The dialogue seems solid, not too forced, and the action seems appropriate.


Cloning is not a new topic. Multiplicity, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, even Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the Stepford Wives have delved into the questions of cloning and the impact on humanity. Is it right, is it wrong, does it matter? In Gemini Man, it looks like there is an exploration of that, as Will Smith’s younger self is the one hunting him. And the CGI really looks like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is trying to run down the rugged cop from Bright.


While this movie requires a modicum of suspension of disbelief, mainly because we have not yet perfected human cloning, I feel that the premise is not unbelievable. There are assassins. People shoot each other. Could a corporation “own” the rights to someone’s DNA? Probably. I’m not a lawyer.

Overall, this movie looks like a lot of fun and places Will Smith in a place where he seems to have become very comfortable. Action star with a wide range. The real question is about who will win: aging assassin with a wealth of knowledge and skill or young assassin without all the fear and pain. Who is the Gemini Man?

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