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Comic Author and Artist Twitter List

Comic Author and Artist Twitter List Picture 1

Here it is. The list you didn’t know you’ve all been waiting for! Welcome to Comic Booked’s first Comic Author and Artist Twitter List!  Bookmark it. Use it. And above all, remember this: Follow your heroes, listen to their stories, but above all else, promote the industry we all know and love. I also included a few other industry people, such as editors, bloggers, and causes. Have fun out there, and check back often for updates and new additions!

Adam Hughes @AH_AdamHughes
Allan Heinberg @allanheinberg
Alex Maleev @alexmaleev
Amy Reeder @amyreeder
Andy Diggle @andydiggle
Andy Lanning @AndyLanning
Antony Johnston @antonyjohnston
Aspen Comics @AspenComics
Avatar Press @Avatarpress
Axel Alonso @axelalonsomarv
B. Clay Moore @bclaymoore
Becky Cloonan @beckycloonan
Ben Templesmith @Templesmith
Bill Willingham @BillWillingham
Bobby Timony @BTimony
BOOM! Studios @boomstudios
Brad Meltzer @bradmeltzer
Brandon Jerwa @jerwa
Brett Booth @Demonpuppy
Brian Azzarello @brianazzarello
Brian Denham @BrianDenham
Brian Keene @BrianKeene
Brian Michael Bendis @BrianMBendis
Brian Reed @BrianReed
Brian Wood @brianwood
Bryan Lee O’Malley @radiomaru
Cameron Stewart @cameronMstewart
C. B. Cebulski @CBCebulski
Charles Knauf @cknauf
Chris Eliopoulos @ChrisEliopoulos
Chris Ryall @chris_ryall
Christina Strain @christinastrain
Christine Norrie @christinenorrie
Christopher Yost @yost
Christos Gage @Christosgage
Chuck B. B. @chuckbb
Chuck Dixon @Dixonverse
Cliff Chiang @cliffchiang
Comic Booked @ComicBooked
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund @CBLDF
Comic Book Men @ComicBookMenAMC
Cullen Bunn @cullenbunn
Cully Hamner @CullyHamner
Dan Abnett @VincentAbnett
Dan DiDio @dandidio1
Dan Jurgens @djjurgens
Dan Slott @DanSlott
Daniel Knauf @Daniel_Knauf
Daniel Way @DanielKWay
Darick Robertson @DarickR
Dark Horse Comics @DarkHorseComics
Dave Stewart @Dragonmnky
Dave Gallaher @DavidGallaher
Dave Gibbons @davegibbons90
Dave McKean @DaveMcKean
David Aja @davaja
David Gallaher @DavidGallaher
David Hahn @David_Hahn
David Hine @HineDavid
David Lafuente @srDAVIDLAFUENTE
David Lapham @DavidALapham
David Lopez @davizlopez
David Mack @davidmackkabuki
D. C. Comics @DCComics
D. C. Nation @DC_Nation
Dean Trippe @deantrippe
Dennis Calero @DennisCalero
Devil’s Due @DevilsDue
Devin Grayson @Gothamette
D. J. Coffman @djcoffman
Duane Swierczynski @swierczy
Dwight MacPherson @D_MacPherson
Dylan Teague @DylanTeague
Dynamite Entertainment @DynamiteComics
Ed Brubaker @brubaker
Elizabeth Breitweiser @bettieb
Emerald City Comic Con @emeraldcitycon
Eric Trautmann @mercuryeric
Erik Larsen @ErikJLarsen
Ethan Van Sciver @EthanVanSciver
Evan Dorkin @evandorkin
Fabio Moon @fabiomoon
Fantagraphics Books @fantagraphics
Francesco Francavilla @f_francavilla
Frank Miller @FrankMillerInk
Frank Tieri @FrankTieri
Frazer Irving @frazerirving
Freddie Williams II @Freddieart
Fred Van Lente @fredvanlente
Free Comic Book Day @Freecomicbook
Gabriel Ba @Gabriel_Ba
Gabriel Rodriguez @GR_comics
Gail Simone @GailSimone
Gary Erskine @garyerskine
Gene Ha @GeneHa
Geoff Johns @geoffjohns
George Perez @perezartist
Gerry Conway @gerryconway
Gerry Duggan @GerryDugan
Grant Morrison @grantmorrison
Greg Capullo @GregCapullo
Greg Horn @GregHorn
Greg Pak @gregpak
Greg Rucka @ruckawriter
Hero Initiative @heroinitiative
Hope Larson @hopelarson
Humberto Ramos @humberto_ramos
I. D. W. Publishing @IDWpublishing
Image Comics @ImageComics
Ivan Brandon @IvanBrandon
J. Michael Straczynski @straczynski
J. Scott Campbell @JScottCampbell
J. H. Williams III @JHWilliamsIII
J. M. DeMatteis @JMDeMatteis
James Asmus @JamesAsmus
James Lucas Jones @jameslucasjones
James Robinson @JamesDRobinson
James Tynion IV @JamesTheFourth
Jamie McKelvie @McKelvie
Jason Aaron @jasonaaron
Javier Grillo-Marxauch @OKBJGM
Jeff Lemire @JeffLemire
Jeff Parker @jeffparker
Jeff Suiter @JeffSuiter
Jeremy Haun @jerhaun
Jerry Ordway @JerryOrdway
Jhonen Vasquez @JhonenV
Jill Pantozzi @TheNerdyBird
Jill Thompson @thejillthompson
Jim Lee @JimLee
Jim McCann @JimMcCann
Jimmy Palmiotti @jpalmiotti
Jock @jock4twenty
Joe Harris @joeharris
Joe Hill @joe_hill
Joe Keatinge @joekeatinge
Joe Kelly @JoeKellyMOA
Joe Quesada @JoeQuesada
John Layman @themightylayman
John Reppion @johnreppion
Jonathan Hickman @JHickman
Joshua Hale Fialkov @JoshFialkov
J. T. Krul @jtkrul
Judd Winick @JuddWinick
Justin Gray @JVGray
Justin Jordan @Justin_Jordan
Kaare Andrews @kaareandrews
Karl Kerschl @karlkerschl
Karl Kesel @KarlKesel
Kelly Sue DeConnick @kellysue
Kevin Maguire @maguirekevin
Kevin Smith @ThatKevinSmith
Kieron Gillen @kierongillen
Kurt Busiek @KurtBusiek
Kyle Higgins @KyleDHiggins
Landry Q. Walker @LandryQWalker
Leah Moore @leahmoore
Lee Garbett @LeeGarbett
Leinil Yu @leinilyu
Len Wein @LenWein
Mahmud Asrar @MahmudAsrar
Marc Andreyko @marcandreyko
Marc Guggenheim @mguggenheim
Marco Checchetto @MChecC
Marjorie Liu @marjoriemliu
Mark Brooks @MarkBrooksArt
Mark Millar @mrmarkmillar
Mark Waid @MarkWaid
Marv Wolfman @marvwolfman
Marvel Comics @Marvel
Mary Sue @themarysue
Matt Fraction @mattfraction
Matt Silady @Matt_Silady
Matthew Sturges @matt_sturges
Michael Allred @AllredMD
Michael Avon Oeming @Oeming
Mike Deodato Jr. @mikedeodato
Mike Mignola @artofmignola
Mike Norton @themikenorton
Mike Oliveri @MikeOliveri
Ming Chen @mingchen37
Mitch Breitweiser @mbreitweiser
Neal Adams @nealadamsdotcom
Neil Gaiman @neilhimself
Oni Press @OniPress
Paolo Rivera @PaoloMRivera
Patrick Zircher @PatrickZircher
Paul Cornell @Paul_Cornell
Paul Dini @Paul_Dini
Pete Woods @thepetewoods
Peter Bergting @Bergting
Peter David @PeterDavid_PAD
Phil Hester @philhester
Phil Jiminez @Philjimineznyc
Phil Noto @philnoto
Previews @PREVIEWSworld
Rafael Albuquerque @rafaelalbuquerque
Rags Morales @RagsMorales
Ray Fawkes @rayfawkes
Rick Remender @Remender
Rick Spears @RickSpears
Rob Liefeld @robertliefeld
Robert Kirkman @RobertKirkman
Robert Rodi @robert_rodi
Ron Marz @ronmarz
Ryan Kelly @funrama
Ryan Ottley @RyanOttley
Ryan Penagros @Agent_M
San Diego Comic Con @Comic_Con
Scott Allie @ScottAllie
Scott Kurtz @pvponline
Scott Lobdell @ScottyLobdell
Scott Snyder @Ssnyder1835
Sean McKeever @TheSeanMcKeever
Sean Phillips @seanphillips
Si Spurrier @sispurrier
Skottie Young @skottieyoung
Slave Labor Graphics @SLGPublishing
Stan Lee @TheRealStanLee
Sterling Gates @sterlinggates
Stephen Wacker @StephenWacker
Steve Ellis @Hypersteve
Steve Lieber @steve_lieber
Steve Rolston @steverolston
Team Comic Booked @TeamComicBooked
Terry Moore @TerryMoore
Thomas Zahler @loveandcapes
Tim Seeley @HackinTimSeeley
Todd McFarlane @Todd_McFarlane
Todd Nauck @ToddNauck
Tom Beland @TomBelandTSSTG
Tom Brevoort @TomBrevoort
Tom Peyer @tompeyer
Tony Daniel @TonySDaniel
Tony Lee @mrtonylee
Tony Moore @tonymoore
Top Cow Productions @TopCow
Ty Templeton @tytempleton
Valiant Comics @ValiantComics
Vertigo Comics @vertigo_comics
Victor Gischler @VictorGischler
Vito Delsante @incogvito
W. Haden Blackman @HadenBlackman
Warren Ellis @warrenellis
Whilce Portacio @WhilcePortacio
Will Pfeifer @willpfeifer
Wizard World @WizardWorld
Yanick Paquette @YanickPaquette
Zeb Wells @zebwells
Zenescope Entertainment @Zenescope

Comic Author and Artist Twitter List Picture 2

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Check back often for updates… And if you're a creator yourself, leave me a comment below and I'll be sure to add you to the list!

Best. Article. Ever. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMPILING THIS….now enough talking time to twitter stalk.


Hopefully others enjoy it / find it useful as well!


Solid, Jeff!

Please add me I am an independent creator who has founded his own company. Will actually did out website. Jordan Troche@ fallenmanga .


great work! I'm following about half the people on this list.

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