Comic Book Artist Laz Gets Comic Booked!

My Date With The Devil's Daughter

When I’m not writing about comic books I’m usually talking about them, and recently I had a chance to chat with indie comic artist Lazaro Suarez.  My extracurricular activities include radio broadcasting a show called The Scorpion’s Tale, and comic book artist Laz recently joined me on the show to discuss his latest project.   Laz’s latest project is called My Date With The Devil’s Daughter.  If AvX isn’t your thing or you’re miffed about the DC reboot, then this might be a great time to check out the flurry of creator owned and independent comic books that sometimes go unnoticed and often go under appreciated.  Laz was willing to dish out some spoilery details along with the basic premise of the book.

My Date With The Devil's Daughter is a great independently published comic book from international artist Lazaro Suarez

The catalyst for the story is an insurrection in Hell.  A rival demon runs off with an artifact that will allow him to steal souls and create his own hell, and he plans to do it on Earth!  Luckily for us, the Devil can not stand for this threat to his power, but stopping it won’t be easy.  To fight fire with fire, a human must evoke the power of another demon, but there’s only one human left alive who can do it.  To further complicate matters, the only being in Hell that Satan could trust to send is his very own daughter!  Will our human champion be up to the task?  Can the Devil’s daughter control her impulses on Earth?  Those questions and more will be answered in this gripping, humorous, and articulately illustrated series from Lazaro Suarez.
Of particular note in this book are the faces; Laz draws some wondrously expressive features and is also know to include some provocative pin-up style art as additions to his stories.  If you want to check out My Date With The Devil’s Daughter, issues are available in both print and digital formats, with the digital copies available for under a buck a piece.  If you’d like to hear the whole interview, along with Laz’s insights on self publishing and the comic book industry in general, check out the video below!

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