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Be In A Comic Book: The Dark Inside!

Dark Inside
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Our indigogo account is supporting a fundraising effort to make a comic book and for $50 you could be drawn in it!

But without the $3000 we need to produce this comic by January 7 it won’t happen!

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to be in a comic book? Well here’s your chance!

My name is Kevin Huckabee and I am a filmmaker and first time comic book writer who is producing my first comic book with a friend and illustrator Aaron Strinko in Dallas Texas based on a feature-length screenplay.

Here is a little bit about myself and how this project was conceived. I have been a professional filmmaker for some years now with an insatiable desire for exciting and fantastic stories. After completing my current screenplay, I quickly realized how perfect it would be as a comic book. That’s when I enlisted the help of my good friend Aaron Strinko.

Let me introduce you to the saga that will be known as “The Dark Inside.”

In an ancient city during the dawn of alchemy, and alchemist had a dream about a ritual with strange symbols. When he awoke he conducted the ritual and a gateway opened. From the gateway and unknown element appeared. He was certain that he had discovered the great work or philosophers Stone that would grant him eternal life. His apprentice was not so sure so he sneaked A small green fragment of the multicolored element a way to study. The apprentice’s fears were confirmed. The unknown element possessed the ability to grant life, but only at the cost of taking it. Before the apprentice could warn the alchemist he had begun transmuting himself or combining with the elements. The result was horrifying. The alchemist was transformed into a monstrous being known as The Gate. It was indestructible and could transform into a solid liquid and gas. In It’s solid form he resembled a goliath made of translucent black crystal with red light emanating from his chest and mouth. The apprentices face was scarred in the account and left him wearing a mask. He had no choice but to flee the city which was being destroyed by the monster with the hope of one day undoing the horrible thing that had been done. Present-day, a troubled teenager named Jimmy Wilson, who deep down has a heart of a hero, steals booze from a convenience store with his fiery young friend Lauren. The remainder of their day gets harrier and hairier, and eventually Jimmy’s story interweaves with that of the monsters. We discover Jimmy’s reason for getting in trouble is linked to his fathers dark past with the gate.

We are all very excited for this saga because the story and characters are primed to span from the beginning of alchemy through the future of earth and beyond into other dimensions where other living Gates exist.

Unlike many other dark heroes The Gate has very little sense of morality and when he chooses to be moral there are dark undertones. Batman will hold a man from a ledge and interrogate him where as The Gate may just let him go or even worse consume him alive.

Kevin Huckabee’s intention for this character was to make him as frightening as he is cool, or to be someone you want to dress up for as Halloween or your birthday. To see him coming down a hall after you would make you want to say, “Please help me God!”, but to see the monster coming down a hall to help you would make you say, “Oh thank God!”

The artwork and progress that Aaron and I have created thus far is astounding. In addition, I have my producer working with several studios to fund the feature.

So not only will you be helping us create a comic book, but the comic book will in turn be able to help us create a film and various other forms of entertainment including a video game.

If you wish to help, you can go to our Indiegogo page and make a donation.

There are many awesome perks for those who pledge, but we want you all to remember that the most important thing for us is to know that you have visited the page and learned about the project because it’s very close to us and we want it to be shared with you and as many people as possible.

Thanks and feel free to contact Kevin Huckabee with any questions.
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