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Comic Book Event Fatigue Changing What Comics You Buy?

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As the title of this article says, is comic book event fatigue changing what you buy at the comic book store?  I have noticed a sharp change in what I’m buying in the last 6 weeks to 2 months.  The reason for this change is because of comic book events, there’s no doubt about it.  The events that caused this change were Secret Wars from Marvel Comics and Convergence from DC Comics, this was a hard lesson to learn.  It was the tie-ins, I squarely blame the tie-ins… they caused the horrible pain!  Seriously though,  having meaningless tie-ins to a story that have nothing to do with the story really isn’t a good idea.  But I bought in like everyone else, I wanted to see my favorite characters in these new landscapes with new adventures. We even got some old characters returning. In the end it was only a few tie-ins that had any real meaning or pushed the main event story forward.


Then a few months later we have Civil War II and here come the tie-ins.  Not this time Marvel, we’re on to you!  I can say that I went from buying the vast majority of Secret Wars tie-ins to only getting one single Civil War II tie-in title.  The more crushing part of this is that our All-New All-Different Marvel is about to be replaced again with Marvel Now!  So event, reboot, event, reboot is now the pattern at an amazing comic book publisher with no end in sight.  As a long time comic book reader and fan I want to see characters be given the time to evolve and develop.  Rebooting a series, even the most popular series every year kind of keeps the momentum of the story.  It seems like some of the older books would go 100 issues or so before any type of crossover or company wide event took place.  I’m definitely not bashing either of the big two for this at all, maybe I just don’t see their massive plan for all of this yet. Rebirth from DC has been pretty good so far, I’m hoping it stay strong for a while with no events.  On the plus side though this has opened me up to buying comics from companies like Afterschock Comics, Benitez Productions, Aspen Comics along with Image Comics and Boom! Studios just to name a few.

Civil War II

How have comic events affected your pull list?  Let us know in the comments below.

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