Comic Booked Indie Presents! – A Wonder Con 2011 Special Feature


Hello there again fellow Indie/Comic Book fans! As your gracious host it is my fine privilege and honor to present you with the following four amazingly fun interviews I had the delight of participating in at Wonder Con this few weeks past.


Thank you so much for you patience, without further ado, I give to all four video interviews of jammingly delicious Indie goodness!


Part I! (w/ Miss Misery (aka, Reyna Young) on “A Haunting Desire”.)

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Part II! (w/ Richard Zerga on “Love Is Not A Laughing Matter”.)

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Part III! (w/ Spencer Newlin-Cushing, on working at the killer Dark Horse Comics. Oh yes, be envious.)

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Part IV! (w/ Scott (freakin’) Allie on B.P.R.D. The Dead Remembered!! It’s really good by the way. I’m going to see if I can get the first issue signed by Mignola on Free Comic Day!! He will be at The Comic Bug on 05/07/2011 with Steve Niles just for the occasion. I shall of course take pictures for of you wonderful readers and viewers of ours.)

More info shall be available at –…


Well, there you have it! These four happy interviews plus my first two post on the subject (here and here) put us all halfway through our Wonder Con 2011 adventure. Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you all the delightful scoops on Neil Gaiman’s upcoming Doctor Who episode!! Promise. – N


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Please make certain that you can provide the show with hard copy as digital is too difficult to feature and please also make certain that your comic is available for legal consumer purchase. ***