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Comic Booked Best of 2014: Aaron’s Picks

best of 2014

As the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Booked, I spend a lot of time wrangling content, reading comics, and trying to make sure that we build strong relationships with publishers and creators. Although, this year, I feel like I have done more technical work on our site, not all of it wonderful, and more writing than any EIC should. I have been writing with Comic Booked now since August of 2013 and working as the EIC since April/May of 2014.

I have done a lot of cool things this year. I interviewed Chuck Dixon, Aaron Beelner, Joshua Williamson, Barry Eisler, Robin Atkin Downes, Rafer Roberts, and John Vignocchi. If you don’t know some of these name, take time to read through the interviews. Great people doing amazing things and I was able to talk to each one. Pretty darn cool.

We had some big events this year, and some great coverage of a couple of awesome companies. You can check out my coverage of Original Sin from Marvel, as well as coverage of almost every book that Valiant and Zenescope published this year. And be on the look out for Thursday’s Valiant Effort and Just Another Zenescope Monday getting back on track soon.

So, my favorites things this year? Well, there are a ton, some happy, some sad, some awesome. Here is the list.

Best of 2014

#10 – All the cool 80s Movies-ish comics. You can check out my top 10 list here.

#9 – Jonathan Hickman writing Avengers – I have really enjoyed the work that Hickman has done on this whole Avenger’s storyline. The incursions of multiple earths and the machinations of the Illuminati in trying to find a solution. Things are so twisted and just awesome. I really love this stuff.

#8 – Image Comics – This year, Image has churned out so many titles that were just amazing. Manifest Destiny, Low, Deadly Class, Alex+Ada, Shutter, God Hates Astronauts, The Fuse, and The Walking Dead, just to name a few. The depth of story and quality artwork make up the reason that I feel that Image has surpassed both DC and Marvel in many ways.

#7 – Disney Infinity 2.0 – This game was amazing when it came out with the original edition last year. The new upgraded 2.0 edition has added a whole new cast of characters, is exploiting the technology of the next gen platforms, and has developed a community that will keep this game alive for years to come. Of course the “new hope” that we will someday wield a “force” to rule the galaxy is enough to get any Star Wars fanboy hooked.

#6 – Marvel Disney Kingdoms – Figment and Seekers of the Weird were a couple of really good series. I like the idea of series being made to add some mythos to existing rides at Disney or to rides that never happened. And the stories have been really good.

#5 – The Watcher’s Eyeballs – I read Original Sin, and reviewed every single book right here. The Watcher died, lots of secrets got out, and now Nick Fury is The Unseen, a weird wrinkled dude chained up on the Moon. There is more to this story and we shall see it soon, I hope.

#4 – Oni Press – There are some great books out this year from Oni Press, they have made a place for themselves. Bunker, The Life After, and Princess Ugg are three of the best books that I am currently reading. If you are not watching Oni Press, you should be.

#3 – Ghostbusters Turned 30 Years Old – While it was both a happy and sad time this year, there was a lot going on for the bustin’ boys. Harold Ramis passed away, a legend in film and a classic actor. Funko put out some really cool POP! figures based on the movie. Finally, the announcement of work on Ghostbusters 3… even if it is going to be an all female cast. Just so it is not like Charley’s Angels meet Ghostbusters!

#2 – The Walking Dead. Both the TV show and the comic series continue to be amazing. I am hooked on both and the fan base is enormous. Kirkman is really branching out with Outcast, a great comic book series that is already filming a TV pilot. Plus, we have the spin-off series to start filming soon.

#1 -Television. Comics books and fantasy shows are a huge part of television this year, more than they have ever been. Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine bring great DC characters to the small screen. I have not been disappointed with any of these adaptations. Marvel has connected their cinematic universe to TV with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and, despite a slow start last season, this has been one of the best shows on TV. Add to this list shows like Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Sleepy Hollow, Forever, plus all the sci-fi shows like Z Nation, Defiance, Haven, and so many others. TV has never been better. I look forward to the Netflix treatment of Daredevil and other Marvel characters.

That is it. My top stuff for 2014. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? Let me know.

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