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Comic Booked is Coming to Phat Con 2014!

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Colin Bass, the Young Justice: Abduction crew, and the creative minds behind our rolling and rollicking Comic Booked Studio will be representing us at Phat Con 2014!

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Essential details:

The event is set for Saturday, January 18, 2014. We’ve got some good friends coming along with us. If you check out Trinity All-Stars and Smile X Villain Co. you won’t be disappointed, especially if you love comics and quality cosplay from passionate people who want to share their contributions to our beloved hobbies with other fans.

Dave & Buster’s 20 City Blvd W Ste G1, Orange, California 92868 is the address you need, that’s where Phat Collectibles is hosting the event! Imagine all the worst parts about the convention circuit, and image them not existing, that should be Phat Con. Now imagine all the best parts in an intimate setting, and that’s the boatload of fun you should be in for at Phat Con 2014! Along with the chance to meet one of the people who has helped to build our proud site into what it is today, we have one of the big party/event rooms rented out. There will be artists, cosplay, and projects like ours that we’ve networked with over the years. Have I mentioned fun yet, because seriously, this is the kind of con where you can really kick back and be yourself in an environment that’s all about making the most of the situation.

If you miss the thing, don’t feel too bad, this is just the beginning of our coverage. Photos and video from the event will be coming to this site soon, and if you’ve read this far, don’t even pretend like you don’t want to see some kick-ass cosplay! Check out part of our Comikaze Expo experience from last year, maybe poke around the channel, and subs are always appreciated!


Phat Con 2014 and Comic Booked - a match made in heaven!


Phat Con 2014 and Comic Booked, a match made in heaven!

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