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Comic Booked goes to the Polls


I wanted to try out some of our features here on Comic Booked by presenting a few polls and hoping that people will participate.

With the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, I wanted to take a walk back down memory lane and look at the older Marvel films in the franchise. From the Jolly Green Giant, the Tin Man, or William Tell, there are some many great iconic characters to choose from. There is Flying Sparky Guy. Even Karate Girl. And then the guy who throws a shield. And Samuel L. Jackson with his mutha-******* eye patch on his mutha-******* eye. Yeah, those guys. Oh, and Coulson. I like him.

[forminator_poll id=”199384″]

Let us know your favorite and we will post on our Facebook page which one is the winner. Everyone has their favorite. Let’s talk about this on our Facebook page! We may even have a giveaway to go along with this poll.

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