Comic Booked Indie Presents! – 41


Greetings Comic Booked Indie fans!! So first off, I have an exciting announcement. I have been nominated and selected to be our Dark Horse Comics Special Correspondent, as a clear lover of all things Indie and Dark Horse this has of course completely made my week.

Speaking of this week, we have some great stuff laid out here in Episode Five, which my good friend Bill Shafer let me shoot at Hyaena Gallery.

Written by Bob Frantz and arted Pablo Peppino 41 is the perfect comic for anyone looking to lose themselves in an urban dystopia at the end of the world…

Or perhaps the start of a new one, depending how you choose to look at it.


So! If 41 seems like the sort of in your face in bold black and white comic you’d like to follow check it and many other titles out on their collective site here. – N




*** Submissions for “Comic Booked Indie” can be submitted by email to or via facebook message.

Please make certain that you can provide the show with hard copy as digital is too difficult to feature and please also make certain that your comic is available for legal consumer purchase. ***

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The Crimson Blur

YES! This show rocks! Good job Nicole

Hahaha!! Excellent, thanks so much, Blur-Man!

Awesomeness, as always!

Check out the FBook shares…you're FAMOUS!!

Awesome! I'm so glad people are getting so excited about great Indie Comics!

Loved the way how you presented the comic book "41".Although,some parts are a little bit shakey,I can still see the art works that you tried to show,specially the center spread art works! This is a must buy on my lists.T

hanks,Nicole! P.s. nice video,too! =)

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