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Comic Booked Indie Presents! – The Comicsmiths’ Guild


Greetings again fellow comic book fans! Thanks for showing up to this special Friday edition of Comic Booked Indie. The show was pushed back as I have had quite the busy week of geekery however it will be back to its scheduled Wednesday slot next week. I promise.


So featured below in this week’s episode are the fine gents of The Comicsmiths’ Guild…

As mentioned in the show The Comicsmiths’ Guild are a collection of fellow artists and writers who have banded together to bring you their favorite exploits of geekery in the hopes that you’ll enjoy them as well.


That said! Here’s some brief and detailed information for their retailer on the playful issue I presented in Episode Two.






Written and Illustrated by Jesse Acosta, Lars Brown, Peter Foglesong, Mike Lail, Matt Nelson, Nathan O’Brien, Zephan Osiris, Willow Tomeo, Mike Watson, & Jeremy Whittington

Standard Comic: Black & White
Cover Type: Color Outsides / Black & White Insides
Page Count: 40
Ka-Blam Ad: YES- Back Cover

This anthology contains ten stories by local artists of the Pacific Northwest. Each story ranges from Fantasy, Science Fiction, Parody, Steampunk, to Super Heroes, there is a story for each type of reader.

Comic Smiths’ Guild Anthology Volume 1 TM and © Copyright 2010, Jesse Acosta, Lars Brown, Peter Foglesong, Mike Lail, Matt Nelson, Nathan O’Brien, Zephan Osiris, Willow Tomeo, Mike Watson, and Jeremy Whittington. All rights reserved.


So! If tiny shorts of robots, fantasy, and playfully random satire is your cup of tea The Comicsmiths’ Guild might just be your next favorite brew!


See you all next week with another taste of the world beyond the Indie veil, in the meantime please feel free to pop by and like our new page here on facebook! – N


*** Submissions for “Comic Booked Indie” can be submitted by email to Please make certain that you can provide the show with hard copy as digital is too difficult to feature and please also make certain that your comic is available for legal consumer purchase. ***

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Thanks for the review! 😀

You are more than welcome, good sir! Glad you enjoyed it.

I'm always down for satire…if we can't laugh at ourselves what can we laugh at?

Thank you oh so very very much for your kind words and taking the time to show off our stories! I greatly apprietiate it. 😀

Thank you. I was glad you liked Jimmy Idol, and got all the little fun stuff. Thank you for your time and keep up the great work. p.s. there is more to come!

Thanks for the Kind words! SuperModels UNITE! lol

Roberto Mercado

Very talented group of artists!

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