Comic Booked Podcast: Episode 1

comic Booked Podcast

WE FINALLY HAVE A PODCAST! Tune in, subscribe, and check out all the great stuff we talk about on our first episode of the Comic Booked Podcast! Join Sven, Jesse, Aaron, and Justin, as they discuss TV, Movies, Comics, and the new Comic Booked Deathmatch.

This week:

For our first podcast, the Comic Booked team talks about TV show finales (1:24), comic events (25:24), movies (39:37), and we pit our favorite characters together in a 4-Way Deathmatch (49:43)!

We hope you will subscribe and look for new episodes each week. Also check out our website, and find us on Youtube!

Thanks for listening.

Be sure to comment your thoughts on the Comic Booked Deathmatch team ups! We will have the results on next week’s show.

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