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Comic Booked Poll: The Walking Dead Poll #1

Walking Dead Season 6

With the appearance of Aaron last night on The Walking Dead on AMC, the question came to mind about who we can trust right now. There are definitely some questions to be answered about many people’s reliability and trustworthiness. Take a look at the poll and read on for a little bit of the reasoning behind questioning each of the choices.

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So, what was I thinking? Let’s look at who these people are.

Walking Dead poll

Father Gabriel is a former leader of a congregation that he hid from as they begged him for shelter. He basically sacrificed his parishoners to save his own life… or because he was too afraid to act.

Walking Dead poll

Aaron is a newcomer to the television world of the Walking Dead. In the comics, he was a man from the Alexandria Safe Zone. Why is he important? Well, he is the first homosexual male that we encounter. Does that give us diversity bingo? No, still no Native Americans or Indian people. Seriously, though, we know nothing about him, yet.

Walking Dead poll

Eugene is smart, but we also know that he will do whatever he can to survive. Can we trust him?

Walking Dead poll

So, why Maggie? Losing Beth and Herschel and now (SPOILER ALERT) Tyrese may be too much for the previously tough Mrs. Glenn. Is she past the point where she wants to go on? In the latest episode she mentioned wanting to just let go and be done…

What do you think? Should Noah be on this list? What are your thoughts about him? What about Daryl? Is he a lone wolf and not a team player? Or Carol? She has left before?

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