Comic Booked Spotlights: Papi Miranda


Hi friends!  Let me introduce you to my good friend.  He has an artsy talent.  He’s not one you would catch penciling or coloring or even writing.  His talent is behind an airbrush machine.

He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona…born and raised.  He still lives in west Phoenix.  He is an airbrush artist and body painter.  Papi has been airbrushing since he was in high school in 2003.  He started off drawing and painting murals by hand.  A friend of his told him about getting an airbrush kit and Papi has never looked back.

He paints on just about anything!  T-shirts, laptops, walls, pool tables, canvas, bookshelves, and bodies!   He and I are collaborating body paint shoots right now for me as Tigra and a Tron.  I’m SOOOOO excited!

After a few years of airbrushing a friend of his wanted him to try body paint as an experiment.  That started a wild fire for Papi.  After he painted his friend, her friends wanted painted and then their friends and so forth.  He has been body painting now for just about 3 years.  He loves meeting new people and taking on a new project.  He never thought he could make a living being an artist but he loves what he does.  He feels he very blessed to have such supportive friends and family.  He is also grateful for all of the models, photographers, makeup artists,  and all of the people he gets to meet while doing what he loves.

My sister Lessa Randall is painted purple below as a character from our super awesome gaming group, Laughing Moon Girls!

Papi also books private parties for groups that want to be body painted and he makes movie props.  WHOA!  He is all around talented.  Check some of this stuff out!

There you go friends.  You’ve seen a little of the super awesome Papi Miranda.  Contact him for rates.  He has very reasonable rates.  You’re going to love him and his work.  You can contact him directly at the following links/email



Model Mayhem:

Also he is available if you would like to call/text him about an event or private party: 503-868-9855

Just tell him I told you how to get a hold of him!

As Always-Keep your eyes where they should be, in a Comic Book~Smiles, Brieanna

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