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Comic Booked Spotlights: Todd VanHooser

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I’m here to introduce you to my friend and mastermind Todd VanHooser.  He introduced me to gaming and is the reason I love it.  My first experience as a Laughing Moon Girl was at Random Con in Mesa, AZ.  Wondering what a Laughing Moon Girl is?  Let me tell you a little about Todd.

Todd VanHooser is the writer of The Laughing Moon Chronicles.  He was born and raised in Missouri, but has been an Arizona resident for the last ten years.  Todd first began laying the foundation for his own fantasy role-playing game at the University of Missouri with intricate histories, a pantheon of gods, a unique system of magic, and a variety of races to populate the setting.  Over the years, the world of Mythren began to take on life and rich stories and elaborate adventures were born.

Todd has written numerous short stories, a horror collection, and fantasy novels.  He has 3 novels for purchase right now, The Lamplighter Collection, Garden of Fire, and The Barren Twelve.

His fantasy series, The Laughing Moon Chronicles, is set in the world of Mythren and takes readers on a journey into the world under the Laughing Moon where forbidden magic and ancient prophecy has darkened the light of day.

I personally recommend picking up this book!  You want to play The Laughing Moon Chronicles?  Guess what?!  Todd has everything you need to know about his game in this book.  You can purchase off his site or at an event.  This book brings his game into your home!!  How cool is that!  You can learn all about the different characters created in this series and their strengths, skills, magic, race, and so much more!!  This book is the “WHOLE” game in a book.  You have the key to unlock the RPG game and either perform as a character or be the game master behind the story telling.  PICK it up friends.  You won’t regret it!  Here’s a look at it:

Most recently, Todd has launched with webmaster Dante Nava.  The site unites fantasy with beautiful models as they bring the Laughing Moon characters to life.  The site opened in January, and the upcoming “Member’s Area” will grant exclusive access to videos, behind the scenes, diaries, bios, and multitudes of the fantasy-themed pictures.

Last year Todd announced he was hosting the first ever Laughing Moon Con!  It was a BLAST!  Once again, he is hosting a return…Laughing Moon Con 2 is Saturday, April 16th from 11am -11pm.  The location is Desert Edge High School, Goodyear, AZ.
Returning guests from the first Laughing Moon Con include:

Horror Author, Darryl Dawson
Comic Book Artist, April Grady-reyna
Paranormal Investigator, Debe Branning

New guests include:
UFO Investigations, Open Minds Productions

More guests will be announced soon!!

This will be the second Laughing Moon Convention, and the intent remains the same: to create a fun day of gaming and entertainment and to introduce a new generation to this world.

Laughing Moon Con hopes to introduce a new generation to the sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, and gaming convention scene. Held at Desert Edge High School, students and families can enjoy the event with the local community.

Come check out the K.I.T.T. car and the A-Team Van!  Lots of Cosplay groups too so you’ll have a chance to get pictures of and with your favorite heroes.

They’ll have a number of games and vendors to keep the attendees entertained all day long, and just like last year, the entry fee will be ONLY $5 for the entire day.

There is an entire world of adventure and storytelling just waiting for you to discover!

To learn more about the adventures under the Laughing Moon, go to

And there it is friends, Todd VanHooser in the spotlight on Comic Booked  Thanks Todd!

As Always:  Keep your eyes where they should be, in a Comic Book~Smiles, Brieanna

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Laughing Moon Con sounds like a blast! I'm gonna be there!

Brieanna Brock

Yay Jerad! Glad to hear that. =)

Looks like im going to start reading another fantasy series you have me curious Bri about The Laughting Moon Chronicles.

Brieanna Brock

You're going to love it Ted! There are 3 books and then of course the gaming book. THAT IS A MUST!

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