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$2K To Help Capture the “Comic-Con Bandit”


Comic Con BanditDuring the wintery month of December 2016 a robber greedily struck two separate bank branches in Colorado; A UMB Bank and a Bank of the West.  Various police organizations within Colorado as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation are looking for the suspect, believed to be the same in both robberies.

Why is he on a comic book website?

Well, the first time the suspect decided to perpetrate his transgression, he donned a Black Panther mask.  Black Panther is the Marvel Comics superhero who first appeared in Fantastic Four #52. During his second act of miscreant misconduct, the robber donned the mask of Sith Lord Darth Vader.

If you know of anyone with Black Panther and Darth Vader masks, driving a Saturn Vue in Colorado that may have come in to some money recently, you are urged to call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP(7867).

The Poster via the Metro Denver Police Department says:

“On Friday December 9, 2016, at approximate 4:20 PM, this suspect robbed the Bank of the West, 865 S Boulder Rd, Louisville CO by verbally demanding money while wearing a Marvel superhero Black Panther mask.  After committing the robbery the suspect fled northbound on foot.  The suspect was associated with a black female and the two were driving the above-picture 2008-2010 Saturn Vue.  Additionally, a nearby surveillance camera captured an image of the robber without his mask.

On Monday December 19 2016 at approximately 4:10 PM, it is believed the same suspect robbed the UMB Bank 8046 W Bowles Ave Littleton CO by verbally demanding money and threatening a firearm while wearing a Darth Vader mask.  No firearm was displayed during this robbery.  After the robbery the suspect fled westbound on foot.

In both robberies the suspect was described as a 20 to 30 year old white male with short brown hair, approximately 5;10″ to 6’0″ tall and thin build.  In the Louisville robbery the robber was wearing a gray hoody, black gloves, dark pants, tennis shoes and the Black Panther mask.  In the Littleton robery he was wearing a dark hoody, dark gloves, dark pants and the Darth Vader mask.”

Comic Con Bandit Poster

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