Comic Confidential #18- Attention NYCC Cosplayers


This is a notice to all Cosplayers attending the New York Comic Con next week. I’m working on a future NYCC article that will feature some of the best Cosplay costumes from the Con. Please stop by my table  at AA18 in Artist Alley on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. I will not be there on Saturday unfortunately. Look for Raphael Moran’s table. I’ll be a couple of tables next to Dan Slott, so if you manage to find me under his inevitable HUGE line, seek me out. I’ll have my camera ready! I’ll also be giving away free copies of Dream Reavers #2 on a first come first serve purpose. So get seen by thousands online and get a free comic as well. Doesn’t get better than that.   NYCC Dream Reavers cover #2


While you’re at my table, don’t forget to pick up a copy of my new graphic novels, FLEE and the DREAM REAVERS TPB. I’m also officially announcing a DREAM REAVERS Cosplay contest. Winner gets to have their photo featured in the up-coming DREAM REAVERS Anthology, Dream Reavers- the 7 Sins, which will be signed by me and you’ll also get featured in a future solo article right here on Not only that, but I’m also giving away a 100 dollar gift card of your choosing for the winner.     


So how do you win? It’s easy. You have a full year to prepare. Pick a character from my comic series Dream Reavers. Make a costume based on any of the characters in the book. Next year at the NYCC, you’ll show up at my table and I’ll crown the winner right there.   


Find out more about my comic series, Dream Reavers at my official facebook page

You can buy a copy at my digital store here.  

My New Comic series FLEE is currently available on Comixology in digitial form here.

You’ll be able to get the first exclusive printed edition of the book at my table.   Find out more about FLEE at the FLEE facebook page and at 

Flee comic cover


Don’t forget to stop by table AA18. North Pavillion in Artist Alley. As for all the other non-cosplayers coming to the Con, please stop by my table as well. I know there’s a bunch of famous actors, cool panels, and bigger creators than I, but no one will be more humble or grateful than I will if you come on over and buy a copy of one of my books. I can’t wait to meet you.  


 Find out about where I am at the Con by using the NYCC interactive map.  

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