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Comic Confidential: Journey to Baltimore ComicCon & Cosplay

my pic

This was my first Baltimore Comic Con, and I can say for a fact that it was quite an adventure.   I took the family with me on this trip and as we drove hundreds of miles from New York we stopped by Philly to get a picture with the Liberty Bell.  After we caught the smell of a dirty diaper we quickly took a stop at a nearby drive thru.  My wife changed the smelly remains of my 4 month old daughter’s huggies and I decided to walk around and stretch my legs.  To my surprise I caught the glimpse of a large duck all alone waddling in a puddle nearby and as I got closer the large bird takes off and decides to give chase.   We quickly got the family inside and drove off once again.  Hours later we finally made it to the great city of Baltimore and settled into our hotel room ready for the Comic Con the next day.

As we drove up to the Baltimore Convention center we saw that the line to get in went around the corner, but lucky for us we had a table at artist alley and bypassed all of that.   As the crowd streamed in we saw a myriad of cos-players of all shapes and sizes.


spiderman cosplay

cosplayer 3

When I say all shapes and sizes, I’m not kidding either.    The best in my opinion happened to be this particular guy dressed as THOR.  Chris Hemsworth, watch out.

greatest cosplay

I even met fellow writer Tony Calandra.  We traded books and went about the rest of the weekend selling books at our respective tables.  I don’t know how his sales on books went but we managed to sell a good amount of copies.   I can’t say the same for some of the folks around my table, but not everyone can have a good Con.

tony calandra

One of the greatest moments of the whole con, besides all the great cos-players, meeting all the other Comic Booked writers and selling my book was the fact some random fan came up to my table with a comic not from my table.  This particular fan came to my table with a copy of an anthology comic I worked on about ten years ago called Hope: New Orleans.  When he brought it for me to sign, it pretty much made the whole trip worth it.  Check out the pic below.

ronin pic

Now it wouldn’t be a family trip if the other members of the family didn’t also have fun.   My wife put my little daughter in the annual Baltimore Comic Con Costume Contest.  All in all, for my first Baltimore Comic Con, it was a blast for the whole family.   Now we didn’t sell as many comics as we hoped to, and my daughter didn’t win the contest but we still all enjoyed ourselves.  It was a great time all around.  If there’s one thing I learned from this whole experience though it’s always stay away from ducks in a drive thru parking lot on the highway.  They’re fierce.

arianna pic

my pic

Here are some more cosplay pics for your enjoyment.  See you guys at the NYCC in October.  I’ll be in Artist Alley.  Check out my comic at

cosplayer 2

cosplay 6

cosplay 5

cosplay 4

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