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Comic Confidential – NYCC 2012 Pre-Show Edition

DC behind the scenes

It’s the day before the big show, and everyone is in a flurry to get ready. As I swooped into the big city for my upcoming signing in artist alley, I met a number of fellow creators and retailers. I’ve never seen the show from behind the scenes before. Indeed, this is my first time at the NYCC as an artist alley member,which makes it a bit daunting. The Jacob Javits Center seems bigger than last year, and it seems like the people working behind the scenes still need a another week to get ready. I have no idea how everything will come together by tomorrow. Here are some behind the scenes pics of all the hard work that’s gone into trying to get the show ready in the next 24 hours. Darth Maul behind the scenes

DC behind the scenes

Image behind the scenes.I even managed to snap some pics of cool things to look forward to for fans.   If only I could have taken the DeLorean for a drive, then I could cross something off my bucket list.

DeLorean NYCCMystery Machine NYCCLego HaloNYCCRed RangerLego

Artist Alley is placed a bit differently than last year, so if you’re looking for your favorite artist, you’ll need a treasure map to find them. All the promoters claim that putting the alley in the North Pavilion is better, but that’s yet to be determined. As I talked to a number of creators, most seemed to be a bit worried at the notion of being so segregated from the rest of the show. In fact, when arriving at the Jacob Javits Center I had a hard time trying to find where the artist alley even was. I’m hoping fans don’t get lost trying to find it. Here are some clues in case you try to look for it. The road to Artist Alley NYCC Artist Alley




Flee Comic BooksDon’t forget to find me at table AA18 in Artist Alley, folks. I’ll be at the very end of the near mile walk. I’m kidding. It’s only a half mile walk. Hopefully I’ll see you guys at the show! Don’t forget to tell your Cosplay friends to stop by to get their pics taken for and enter to win a Cosplay Challenge for NYCC next year.

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The Halo pic is Mega Bloks not Lego. Mega Bloks has the license from Microsoft and their toys kick ass. Sold everywhere.

Love the convention pics!

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