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Comic Confidential- NYCC Edition Part 2- Sell, Sell, Sell.

NYCC huge comics crowd

 In part one of my Odyssey at the NYCC 2012, I talked about the great fans and cosplayers that attended the Con.   You can read about and see the great pics at this link right here.   In this second installment of my NYCC adventure, I wanted to give my experience through the eyes of an Indie Comic Creator.   This was my second time at the NYCC  as a professional, but it was my first time with my very own artist alley table.    At first I was a bit worried that they segregated the alley so far away from the main floor, but after seeing the giant crowds we were getting, it was probably the best move that they ever did.  

 NYCC Edition

It was a busy weekend to say the least.    I was debuting my new graphic novel FLEE at the con, but that in and of itself was a massive struggle.   Weeks before the Con I was at wits end with my publishers trying to get early printed copies for the event.   After patiently waiting until the second day of the Con, I was happy to get my box of freshly printed graphic novels.   To my horrid surprise, every book printed was printed backwards.     What was I to do?    How was I going to spin this in my favor?   And how was I going to do a signing in both my artist alley table and the ARCANA booth in one day?


Well I doubt any creator worked as hard as I did that weekend.   It was a good thing my FLEE artist and friend Ed Watson came to the rescue so I could sign books, while he took over selling duties at the Artist Alley table.   He even came up with a great idea on how to convince people to buy the backwards book.   We were now selling it as a Special Edition NYCC American Manga Edition.   Manga, for those in the know, are Japanese comics, that are mostly read from the back to the front.    So yes, people did believe it.    Was it wrong to manipulate them?  There was nothing really wrong with the book; you just had to read it from the back toward the front.    Fortunately for us, we still managed to sell out of our books.   I sold a ton of Dream Reavers Comics.   I even managed to do a couple of sketches for some fans.   


The best part of the whole thing,  besides the minor set backs, was the fact we got to meet so many great fans.  I got to meet some old friends and colleagues I hadn’t seen in a while.  I even got to meet some people I always wanted to …That includes my fellow Comic Booked co workers.   It was a great time for this awesome team shot….


 NYCC Edition


There’s no greater feeling than seeing people love your work.   Comic Con is the only place where normal joes like me get to finally feel worthwhile.    We received so much positive praise for the book online and at Cons.    If you’re interested in my new book Flee, it’s currently available on Comixology.

NYCC Edition

You can also order a copy online at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. 

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We’re currently in Previews this month.   Pre-order at your local comic shop and book store by using the order code below.

ISBN: 978-1-927424-74-2


This time the books will NOT be printed backwards.   We promise.   These are normal setbacks many indie publishers go through and you have to roll with the punches.    See you folks next year at the NYCC.

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