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Comic Confidential- See You In Baltimore

Baltimore Comic Con

Another week comes another Comic Con.  This week is the Baltimore Comic Con.  Be on the look out for a couple of staffers in the crowd like, Wayne Hall, and Lee Gordon.  Also in attendance will be me, Raphael Moran, and fellow ComicBooked contributor/comic creator, Tony Calandra.  If you’ve read our articles or columns on this site, come on over to our tables and see our passion for comics in full steam.  We love comics to the very core.  Not only do we write about them, but we go out there in the trenches and actually create them.      


Tony Calandra will be promoting GCP Comics.  Their table number is A232 in Artist Alley.  They’ll have original comics, t-shirts and prints. Along with a show exclusive limited to 50 copies- GCP Comics Presents: Bullets and Blades for $5.  This exclusive has 4 different stories in it and let’s the fans decide what comic they would like them to publish for next year’s show.  It’s a full color, 24 page comic.  Pretty cool, if you ask me.   Go and check them out.   Tony and his crew put a lot of effort into it and if you’re a fan of, you have to show him some love if you’re there.

Here is their Facebook page and website or


Now, for me, this is my first Baltimore Comic Con.  Hell, it’s my first time in Baltimore in general, so this will be an eventful trip to say the least.  The real problem for me lies in the fact that I have a new comic series FLEE, yet I have no printed copies to sell.  So what do I do?   Do I just hand out copies of the comixology web address hoping they’ll remember to buy it?  Thank goodness I still have copies of my first comic series, Dream Reavers, at hand to sell or I wouldn’t have anything there.  Its instance’s like this where I hope and pray the day never comes when the printed comic ends completely.  Can you imagine a Comic Con where everyone just scans codes from different tables so they can check out a comic?  Feels like a nightmare.  Thank goodness print is still here and hopefully around for as long as I’m alive.


I’ll be at table A176 at Artist Alley.   I’ll be signing copies of my critically acclaimed comic series, DREAM REAVERS as well as a few posters, mini-comics and other goodies.  I wish I had copies of my new comic series FLEE at hand, but I’m trying to get some copies for the NYCC in October.  See you in Baltimore.


Follow Dream Reavers at

Follow Flee at

On twitter @RaphaelMoran or @DreamReavers or @Fleecomics




You can buy a digital copy of FLEE #1 at Comixology HERE


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