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Comic Deep Dive: Introduction

Comic Deep Dive

So here we are, at what seems to be the strangest time in most of our lives. But instead of being scared, sad, and simply doing nothing, I’ve decided to get some reading done. But I couldn’t just let my COVID-induced deep dive into comic book history go unnoticed. I’ve decided to share my adventure with all of you. It’s no secret that I’m pretty well-read and well-versed in all things DC (and, to many people’s surprise, Marvel), but there are certain pockets I’ve either missed or avoided, or that simply went under my radar. And that is the fun part of this whole thing. There may not have been a whole lot of new comics these last few months, but things are starting to inch back to a somewhat normal release schedule. And there are 80 years’ worth of “new to me” comics still out there. Here’s a quick preview of what I’ve been reading (and re-reading) these last several weeks while we await the return to comic book normalcy:

  • Marvel New Universe
  • Marvel 2099
  • Malibu Ultraverse
  • Wildstorm
  • Cliffhanger!
  • Homage Studios
  • America’s Best Comics
  • Awesome Entertainment
  • Marvel UK
  • Milestone Media
  • Marvel MC2
  • Bizarre Corners of the DC Universe
  • Strange Pockets of the Marvel Universe
  • … and more!

So starting a week from today, there will be a new column: Comic Deep Dive. Some weeks will be new to you, some will be trips down memory lane, and some will simply confuse or entertain you. But I hope you read them all. And share your thoughts on your own COVID-induced comic deep dives. See you soon with some deep dive goodness!

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