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Comic Deep Dive: Recaps and Updates

Comic Deep Dive

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to Comic Deep Dive, my newest and most fun column here at Comic Booked. I’m going to be taking the column to a monthly format starting in August, so I’d like to take a moment to do three things before we make the official change:

  1. Thank you for reading and joining the conversation on social media over the last couple of months.
  2. Recap and revisit the previous comic deep dives so far.
  3. Preview and hint at the comic deep dives in the pipeline.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed an excuse to read (or re-read) some comics that I may have missed the first time around (or possibly not been alive and/or collecting at the time). Here are the deep dives you may have missed:

  • Alan Moore’s America’s Best Comics
  • DC’s Milestone Media
  • Marvel’s New Universe
  • Marvel’s Marvel 2099
  • DC’s Impact/Red Circle
  • Marvel’s Marvel UK
  • Malibu’s Ultraverse
  • CrossGen’s Sigilverse

And here are a few comic deep dives coming to a screen near you over the next few months:

  • Marvel’s MC2
  • DC’s New 52 (The Not-So New 52: A Five-Part Retrospective)
  • Rob Liefeld’s Extreme/Maximum/Awesome
  • Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe
  • Ultimate Marvel
  • … and many, many more!

So there it is. A thank you, a recap, and a preview. Thanks for taking the time to read the column, the update, and show your support. But while you wait for the next installment, I want to ask you for a quick favor: visit your local comic shop and buy some back issues. Back issues are the only guaranteed “100% profit” for your LCS because it’s something they don’t have to order for you. Whether you’re picking up a comic you’ve never read before, getting a gift for someone who reads/collects, or just doing your part and filling in some gaps in your collection, trust me… they’ll appreciate your business. See you next month for a brand new Comic Deep Dive!

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