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Comic Dynamite – Epicly Evil Editions of Dresden and Blackcross!


Dynamite Entertainment’s new releases this week included a new Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, and Blackcross – from the Pages of Project Superpowers.  Two incredibly unique comics with enough testosterone, blood letting and gnashing of teeth to make the powerlifter in you bench 450 lbs – easy!  It’s exciting, powerful, gory and imaginative!  Epic!!!

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Writer – Jim Butcher and Mark Powers

Ilustrator – Carlos Gomez

Colorist – Mohan

Letterer – Bill Torolini

Cover – Stjepan Sejic

4 thumbs up out of 5

The evil underground sorcerer the team had encountered perviously turned out to be one bad sorcerer – or, well, a very good sorcerer.  Underestimating your enemy is not a path to victory by any means…  The team fights through the challenges violently brilliant and comes through one sorcerer less and ready for more!  Trudging onward they move past this speed bump to the next challenge!


comic book review, #CBR, Blackcross, Project Superpower, Comics, Dynamite Comics, 1


Writer – Warren Ellis

Illustrator – Colton Worley

Colorist – Morgan Hickman

Letterer – Simon Bowland

Cover – Tula Lotay

3.78 thumbs up out of 5

Fantastic graphic pics in this series, good solid storyline for the genre and bold colors – but I just couldn’t get into this one – it was just that good (and evil)!  Not sure if it was just a long Saturday of going to conventions for too long…  It seems to be very dark, obsessively evil and completely possessed…I think they were going for that, so kudos for the uber scary, dark descent into evil – epic success!!!

I just can’t even!!!

It is absolutely amazing for those who love this kind of stuff, but if I read it I will need to have all the lights on afterwards or just not sleep until I can un-see it…  I think this is the last time I’ll review Blackcross at night and in the dark after drinking too much caffeine.  Not a good call.. EEEEKK!



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