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Comic Dynamite June 10th Releases – Lady Rawhide, Lady Zorro, Vampirella, Jennifer Blood – Oh-Ya!!!


Comic Dynamite shows Dynamite Entertainment hits a new high with the latest installments of their Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella and Jennifer Blood, Lady Rawhide and Lady Zorro, Looking For Group and Reanimator comic releases this week.  Crazy fighting action scenes all over, gnashing fangs of pouncing wolves trying to eat Lady Rawhide and Lady Zorro,  a one-woman drug bust through-out the entire drug block of LA…  this weeks releases are intense, fast paced and rockin’!!!

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Swords of Sorrow: Jennifer Blood/Vampirella #2

Writer – Nancy A. Collins

Artist – Dave Acosta

Colorist – Valentina Pinto

Lettering – Erica Schultz

Cover – Billy Tan

Cover Coloring – Vinicius Andrade

4 thumbs up out of 5

Undead in LA is fitting to this story – Vampirella saved by a deranged woman called Jennifer…. hmmm….  *smirk*     Seems as if the an unidentified ‘wierdo’ gave Jennifer a fancy machete.  After that, she meets Vampirella, who leaves her to take a nap in the Hollywood Lawns Cemetery… meanwhile, Jennifer Blood stealthily watches some gangs with sugar skulls painted on their faces kill another narco member.  Vampirella is out of the picture for a while – and we scan in on Jennifer Blood kicking butt and taking names during drug busts, killing a whole crack house and just making me really like her style, action and outfit!  Go girl!  A one woman drug bust in LA!  I think Vampirella is intrigued and looking for a side kick.  Not sure if Jennifer will go for it, can’t wait to see what happens..

Reanimator, Dynamite Entertainment, Dynamite Comics, #DynamiteComics

Reanimator #3

Writer – Keith Davidsen

Artist – Randy Valiente

Lettering – Marshall Dillon

Coloring – Jorge Sutil

Cover – Francesco Francavilla (A), Andrew Mangum and Kyle Ritter (B)

3 thumbs up out of 5

This is great for those who really like creepy, dark, brooding and evil lined for their comic book collection!  It is all of the above and so much more!  Looks like the mad scientist captures Susan and keeps her sedated for two weeks!  What the???  Not sure I’d trust him either, girl!   Looks like she’s learning who really ‘killed’ the most important thing in her life, and is getting answers she really doesn’t want to know but just can’t help herself trying to get to the bottom of!  She gets released and hands on a gun – but has to make a decision to be in or out with the weird science guy…  of course, she chooses to be with him in order to continue to get vengeance -and kinda diggin’ it…

Swords of Sorrow, Legenderry Vampirella, Dynamite Entertainment, Dynamite Comics, #DynamiteComics


Writer – David Avallone

Artist – David T. Cabrera

Lettering – Dave Lanphear

Coloring – Robby Bevard

Cover – Sergio Davila and Ivan Nunes


LUV IT!!!  Legenderry comics from Dynamite have such great steampunk outfits and themes I can’t help but love them all!  Steampunk Vampirella is clothed in steampunk array and looking spiffy if I might say so.  She’s still sporting her in your face fighting spirit, but as she battles the flying demon monkey looking creature, it just looks right as she does it in her corset, short shoulder jacket and fantastic boots!  Stylin’!  It just gets even better on page 12, there is a purple airship!  How incredibly steamy awesome!  Spoiler alert:  Her man, Rudolk Rassendyll, saves her after walking among the humans disguised!  It is such a Vampirella love story!  Great cosplay ideas in this one – (sorry, can’t help it, they’re uber awesome)!!

Lady Rawhide, Lady Zorro, Swords of Sorrow, Vampirella, Jennifer Blood, Dynamite Entertainment, Dynamite Comics, #DynamiteComics

Lady Rawhide/Lady Zorro #3

Writer – Shannon Eric Denton

Artist – Rey Villegas

Lettering – Marshall Dillon

Coloring – Morgan Hickman

Cover – Joyce Chin

Cover Colorist – Ivan Nunes

4 straps of rawhide out of 5

Caught in the snow, surrounded by a pack of wolves in a corset and gun belt, these ladies keep cool in more than one way…  Of course, lady Rawhide admits that dressing the way she does renders men she fights with an appropriate lack of focus that ensures her success during gun and knife fights.  I see what she means!  Releasing the captured women to break apart their wagon for fire wood proves key in this fight for survival – and increases their numbers against the rancid cowboys.  After killing all of the vicious wolves trying to eat all of them, they kill the crazy kidnappers and then wait for the early morning light to further their escape.  When the morning arrives they depart into two groups, eventually trying to scale the mountain during another snow storm.  Lady Rawhide barely escapes sliding down the mountain to be …saved by a bear?

Looking For Group, Dynamite Entertainment, Dynamite Comics, #DynamiteComics

Looking For Group #3

Writer – Ryan Sohmer

Artist – Lar Desouza

Coloring – Ed Ryzowski

Layout – Aurelie Martin

3.5 creative thumbs up out of 5

This is an interesting comic and one I wasn’t prepared for.  The art was unique and more like old school comics than the intensely drawn, realistic comics of today.  The colors were vivid but not totally defined, which reminisced back to the 1970-80’s retro look.  Liked it, on top of one of the main characters looking like Orlando Bloom… unexpected… kinda liked it.  Actually, it was so original that I kept on reading until the end.  The Jen jury is still out on this in regards to the story line, but the graphics kept my interest and I didn’t stop at page 20 out of 49.  Give it a try – pretty cool!

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