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Comic Dynamite May #1 – Blasts Off!!!

Comic Dynamite

Comic Dynamite May Review #1 comes with some rockin’ comics from Dynamite!  Check out a few of the newest comics in the dynamite action arsenal, including the sexy and tough Swords of Sorrow, great Masks 2, Dresden, Blackcross and Uncanny among the newest.


Masks 2  #2

Written by: Cullen Bunn

Illustrator:  Eman Casallos

Colorist:  Adriano Augusto

Letterer:  Rob Steen

Rating: 3 thumbs up out of 5

Great illustrations shower Masks 2 #2 with appropriate backdrops for the quippy and snarky dialogue.   1978 in the Chimera Club proves to be a great backdrop for a story of ladies in masks, mayhem and madness.  Did I forget to mention the ladies in masks are no other than Miss Fury and The Black Sparrow?  They don’t get along very well at first, seeing they both want to ‘steal’ something from the same place.  After a few altercations with each other and some epic fight scenes with a evil doers – they become chummy.  Well… as friendly as they CAN be.  Can’t wait for #3 – bring it!!!


Swords of Sorrow  #1

Written by: Gaile Simone

Illustrator:  Sergio Davila

Colorist:  Jorge Sutil

Letterer:  Erica Schultz

Rating:  4 thumbs up out of 5

Really like the graphics, illustrations, dialogue and where it looks like the stories are going.  Never reading any of these comics previously it was a little choppy getting comfortable with the multiple story lines and characters but after jumping over that hurdle it was never boring and pretty catchy.  Much rather have massive movement in stories and plots than try to choke down reading a plodder or  tectonically slow comic that makes my clothes go out of style.  Strong females in the stories are well crafted and capable of saving those around them.  Intriguing, captivating, eye catching!  Good stuff!


Uncanny Season 2  #2

Written by:  Andy Diggle

Illustrator:  Aaron Campbell

Colorist:  Salvatore Aiala Studios

Letterer:  Simon Bowland

Cover by: Jock

Rating:  3.5 thumbs up out of 5

Uncanny is pretty realistic, with urban graphics and a story line that could possibly be taken from X-Files or current CIA redactions.  Realistic mind melting telepathic folks who don’t know how those gifts happened, but are learning how to use them.  An evil brother is trying to control them and the good brother is now trying to kill the evil brother… liking it more and more.  This made me mad when the 24th page came around… I wanted it to keep going.  Why is there a wolf?  Who changed these people and how did some of them start off special?  Who is Styles and what is going on?  I was hooked.  Eagerly anticipating #3!  Can’t come soon enough!



Written by:  Warren Ellis

Illustrator: Colton Worley

Colorist: Morgan Hickman

Letterer: Simon Bowland

3 thumbs up out of 5

Blackcross is home to a few siddhi looking to drop into hosts to carry on their wiley ways and dangerously evil acts – at least they have shown no level of goodness yet.  Jeff Dumont, owner of Blackcross is taken over as he returns filled with grief about his families death, and two others are taken over as well during their stay at a hospital.  Seems like vicious events are yet to come into this sleepy little alcove of small town goodness – not sure they’re ready for it!  Read on when next installment comes out!  Gonna be good!


Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Down Town #4

Written by:  Jim Butcher & Mark Powers

Art:  Carlos Gomez

Colorist: Mohan

Letterer: Bill Tortolini

3.5 thumbs up out of 5

How can anyone not love this?  The Baron of Chicago is in it!  Undertown (old Chicago type town under new Chicago) appears besieged with faeries, giant spiders a golem, a mangey sorcerer and psychic whispering.  Dresden has a female companion with veiling abilities and a large dog by his side.  The unfortunate thing is all that pales in comparison to the nasties around him!  Thinking he’s gonna win most fights in this saga – as long as he keeps his wits about him.  The golem is intent on doing evil bid him by his master the sorcerer of Undertown, but we’ll see in the next installment – could be curtains for him!

DynamiteReanimator #2

Written by: Keith Davidsen

Artist: Randy Valiente

Colorist: Jorge Sutil

Letterer: Marshall Dillon

Reanimator, aka ‘Mad scientist’ Dr. West, sets up a lab, recruits a female (Susan Greene) to assist him and does al title breaking bad selling of zombie brain fluid as a narcotic.  If it couldn’t get anymore interesting, he also supplies it to a gang where the leader gets hooked on it.  What does West have up his sleeve with this?  Domination? City control?  A heard of zombies at his beck and call?  Hmmmmm…Wait, Susan finds out that Dr. West was at her fiancee’s crime scene – it’s getting complicated!  Complicated good tho, as it proves intriguing, fascinating and just enough on the edge to keep me at the edge.  Of my seat, that is…


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