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Comic Fan’s Top Apps Compilation

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Of course, there’s nothing better than going to a shop and coming back home with a pile of nice printing ink smelling comic books. However, these days we can not only read the stories but also watch comic-based movies and series or download digital copies of new releases and issues. Let’s take a look at comic lover’s indispensable mobile apps!


Why Netflix app? I would like to answer this with a brief list. Daredevil, Punisher, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders, The Umbrella Academy, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Lucifer, Happy, The Walking Dead – it’s a short list of comic-based series that are available exclusively on Netflix app for Android and iOS. Each of these series has from 1 to 6 seasons with episodes up to 50 minutes.

This application provides a superb quality of video streaming along with a huge library of exclusive series and movies. It’s a brilliant complementary application for any comic book collection.

US citizens have access to the whole library of comic series, but it may appear limited when you travel somewhere abroad. This problem is easily solvable with any VPN client. You can browse to pick up the best one.

Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll is a huge US-based streaming service of Asian entertainment products. Today, the service totals more than 45 million users worldwide. Manga application is only a small department of the whole company, but it is one of the best comic book appsin the App Store and Play Market.

This standalone Crunchyroll application provides a comprehensive compilation of any sorts of manga. The main screen has a convenient feed where you can scroll up and down to find the most exciting titles. The app may be updated several times a day, so it’s better to look for new manga via the browser or categorized catalogue. To avoid missing new titles and chapters you can set up notifications. It’s close to impossible to find any drawbacks in this manga app. Perhaps, the only thing it really lacks is offline reading compatibility. You can’t access your collection without an internet connection.


MangaZone is another popular solution for reading Japanese comic books. It has quite the same features as Crunchyroll Manga does, but it also provides you with an option to read manga in offline mode and some other useful features. It is great to have unlimited access to your collection even when you’re out of mobile data.

In Manga Zone, you can also comment on any publication or answer other user’s comments. The community of this application and its mother-website is huge, so you won’t get bored for sure.

History option is a real lifebuoy. Imagine yourself reading a very exciting chapter when your phone suddenly discharges. That’s terribly annoying, but MangaZone remembers your progress up to seconds, so don’t worry.

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited is an official Marvel comics app by the eponymous studio. Unlike previous ones, it’s not free, but subscription provides you access to an endless world of Marvel comic books. The yearly cost of unlimited MU reading is equal to 7 or 8 paper comic books with about 40-45 issues inside. In MU you are allowed to read any of 15,000+ comic book series and look for characters’ and comic creators’ biographies to have a deeper experience.

It’s well designed and performs smoothly enough after a bunch of 2018 updates. There’s absolutely no way for a Marvel universe fan to avoid this comprehensive library of superheroic and Star Wars stories.

DC Universe

Not to be outdone, DC Comics recently launched their own streaming service that allows you to read comics, watch movies, and even check out new TV series like Teen Titans, Young Justice, Doom Patrol, and others coming soon. You can check out more in this article.

The bottom line

That’s it! It’s a compilation of best applications for comic fans (there are many of them at, so it’s definitely a from-fans-for-fans format of review. Hopefully, one of these apps will become a long-playing solution for your digital comic needs!

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