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Comic Revolt with David Gillette: Halo 8’s Matt Pizzolo

Matt pizzolo

In this week’s installment of Comic Revolt, I had the opportunity to chat with Halo 8 president Matt Pizzolo. Some of his work includes writing Godkiller, organizing Occupy Comics, and being a partner in the upcoming Black Mask Studios with Steve Niles and Brett Gurewitz. He’s kind of like James Brown – the hardest working man in comics.

At the forefront of non-traditional publishing and storytelling, he is showing other upcoming and independent creators how to get things done on determination and vision alone. Extremely prolific, he has been involved in a number of acclaimed and successful projects ranging from film to political action. If you’re looking for a prime example of someone bucking the traditional channels to make it in the comic business, he’s the perfect case study because he has engineered his own way in by working smart and hard.Matt Pizzolo

Matt comes from the DIY school of getting things done. If your blueprint for breaking into the comic industry includes hard work and tenacity, please read on. He offers up a look at his philosophy to developing projects, practical advice for getting a project through all of its necessary stages, and offers unique insights into alternative approaches to publishing and marketing a project.

He also offers insights into making big companies work to your advantage, much like he did with Time Warner for VOD/digital distribution of Godkiller. This Q&A has minimal edits because of the quality and depth of answers Matt offers that are invaluable to creators getting started in the business.

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Great interview, David! Matt, you are such an inspiration. Keep fighting the good fight, man. This is quite possibly my favorite ComicBooked interview–ever.

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